If only the Biden administration spent more time worrying about actual terrorism, instead of focusing on the persecution of their political opposition.

Iran’s latest propaganda video shows a clip of the U.S. Capitol exploding.

The scene is surrounded by footage of the Iranian leader and military.

Here is the clip via the New York Post

It’s rather obvious that Iran is hostile to the United States. That is why it is absolutely astounding that the Biden administration CONTINUES to negotiate with them.

President Trump had placed MASSIVE sanctions on the Iranian economy. Biden immediately began attempting to roll back these sanctions. It was said to be a move made to further negotiations with Iran on Nuclear weapons.

Why are we negotiating with these people? The people of Iran have largely been enslaved by religious radicals. The Iranian regime holds its people hostage while threatening the entire world.

We should never negotiate with Iran while they are releasing videos like this. Just as we should not send money to countries that burn our flag. The patronage of the American people is not a guarantee. It is a privilege, and it should be treated as such.

Unfortunately, the Biden administration doesn’t care about the American taxpayer. They literally RAN to the negotiating table.

Now they are weighing using the sanctions as leverage in a nuclear deal. Even though it had been reported ALL THE WAY back in 1998 that Iran ALREADY HAD nuclear weapons.

That information did not stop the Obama administration from sending Iran BILLIONS of dollars in cash. Now the Biden administration wants to pick up where Obama left off, and continue to send these TERRORISTS billions of taxpayer dollars.

The sanctions have not been removed yet. That is not the issue here. The issue is that we continue to come to the negotiating table with Iranian leaders who openly preach ‘death to America’.

It seems that the Democrat establishment is VERY eager to send money to Iran. John Kerry even got caught revealing covert Israeli operations to Iranian leaders in his stint as Secretary of State.

We have to ask ourselves why the Democrats have such an affinity for the murderous Iranian regime.

I’m sure you have heard a lot of noise about the intelligence report that revealed that ‘Russia interfered in the 2020 election’. To be absolutely clear, I believe the report was absolute nonsense. It found that China DID NOT interfere in that same election.

The same China that owns Hollywood.

The report was bogus, but the media left out an absolutely critical detail. IRAN was also found to be attempting to influence our 2020 election. Only difference between Russia and Iran is who they were helping.

Russia reportedly sought to help Trump get re-elected, Iran reportedly sought to get Biden elected.

If you remember, Biden rebuked Putin very harshly for that report. He even imposed sanctions on Russia, and kicked the ambassadors out of the country.

The White House had NO rebuke for Iran. They hardly even mentioned it. No new sanctions, no trouble. The White House even said that they would have a diplomatic approach to the Iranian regime.

The hypocrisy could not be any clearer. They quite literally ignored Iranian influence. They then rushed to the table in order to ‘negotiate’.

If anybody remembers the last time we sent an Obama-Biden official to Iran, you know exactly how this ‘negotiation’ is going to go. Iran gets everything, the United States gets nothing, and Iran will continue to threaten us.

That is the price that we will continue to pay for this WEAK, PATHETIC leadership.


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