By: Marc King

“Larry Hogan accuses GOP of ‘doubling down on failure’ by ousting Cheney”

This was the headline on the Washington Examiner on May 16, 2021 as written by Kaelan Deese. Once again our RINO Governor has taken a position on the operations of the National Republican apparatus that is out of step with the base of the party.

Larry Hogan has been proclaimed the “most popular governor in America” with a poll score of about 70% approval in the State of Maryland. Now most consider this a phenomenal accomplishment for the twice elected Governor. However, in order to garner such accolades from the state population it is imperative that you have a substantial number of Democrats who are voting for you — and why would that be? Because you have managed to get the states affairs under control using good conservative principles and values such as making smaller government – or getting a stranger voice in the state legislature that reflects the conservative voices in Maryland?

No, I am afraid that is not why Larry is liked by his Democrat constituents — they like him because he behaves like a good lap dog … he vetoes their bills — they override his veto and behold … we are all bi-partisan on any given action taking place in the Governor’s mansion or the Statehouse.

So how does a Republican in name only, or RINO, like Hogan get elected twice you say — lets take a look at the historical record. Hogan’s first run for Governor pitted him against Anthony Brown – the Lieutenant Governor for the two term Governor Martin O’Malley. Now Mr. O’Malley and his Socialist Democrat legislature never met a tax they did not like — and towards the end of his second term O’Malley invented a tax that no one in the State of Maryland had ever heard of — The Rain Tax!

Yes … That’s right the RAIN TAX! In 2014 the people of Maryland had just about enough of the taxation imposed by the O’Malley administration and with Brown portending to be the 3rd term of O’Malley the State of Maryland in an unexpected move shifted right and Hogan was the surprise of the ’14 election season.

Mildly effective in those first 4 years Hogan faced re-election in 2018 and this time fortune was definitely with him — his primary and the most likely Democrat that could beat him dropped dead of a heart attack just as campaign season started.

The best the Dems could do after that was a to bring in a carpet bagger from California — Ben Jealous. It was not hard to beat Ben Jealous who was just a terrible candidate — and I suspect the Dem’s will not let that happen again. So… that is how we get to 2021 with Hogan sticking his ineffective nose into party business on Capital Hill.

What he should be doing is figuring out how to straighten out the most gerrymandered state in the Union. His recently appointed bi-partisan Commission on Redistricting is a farce. He know full well that any changes recommended by his Commission need to be agreed to and approved by the legislature
— per the Maryland State Constitution.

What are the chances of the legislature allowing the formation of one or more conservative/Republican Congressional Districts in the State of Maryland — wait for it …………………………………. wait for it … “0”. A snowball in hell has a better chance. The Dem’s own this state at all levels of politics, why would they voluntarily give up that power? They wouldn’t and they won’t.

And Larry now aspires to be on the national stage — with a Presidential run in 2024. This is why he is getting busy with Republican business on Capital Hill. His statements and actions are not mainstream Republican. His association with the Chaney/Bush branch of the party is not the way to get elected in 2024. His bashing of Donald Trump is not the way to win the hearts and minds of the millions who voted for Trump and will vote for him again if called on to do so…

So, what do you think you are doing Larry? A very wise and savvy politician once told me: “Larry Hogan may be a Maryland Republican, but he is not a National Republican”. And with that said… let us say: Larry get over yourself fix what you can in the State of Maryland before your clock runs out and then fade quietly into the night — and let the Republicans on the Hill do their business on behalf of the Party.

Note to Larry Hogan: When CNN is your friend — you are not a real Republican!


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