By: Marc King

CNN – The Fake News Network — recently published a piece…

“Pentagon extremism adviser lays out challenge facing military after two commanders deny a problem exists.”.

Who is this “Pentagon Advisor” and why does he think he is smarter than the 4-Star General and Admiral who have testified before Congress that they do not believe they have a problem?

His name is Bishop Garrison and just one day after the 4-Star Commanders of the US Space Command and the US Strategic Command testified before Congress, Garrison went on the record, saying:

“It would be remiss if we didn’t admit that there is a problem with extremist behavior in the military. That is to say that one extremist is one too many,”

-Bishop Garrison on Wednesday told a Center for American Progress think tank seminar on ending White supremacist violence.

So, let’s take a look at what is happening here … it is important to understand what the Defense Department is doing — as the Russians mass some 80,000 troops, tanks and artillery on the Ukrainian border and the Chinese expand their naval and air presence in the vicinity of Taiwan, the Pentagon Advisor to the Secretary of Defense is calling two 4-Star Commanders liars.

… AND he does it while giving a presentation at the Center for American Progress … a far-left, progressive think tank who’s Board of Directors has such far-left personalities as John Podesta, Chair; Neera Tanden, President; and Stacey Abrams and Julián Castro, as some of its members.

What makes Bishop Garrison an “Expert” on the matter of extremism in the military? I suspect you already know the answer … but let’s look deeper. His resume reflects that he is a graduate of the US Military Academy at West Point. That is a good start. He was commissioned in the Signal Corps and spent 5 years on active duty before exiting active duty as a Captain.

During that time, he interned in the Office of the General Counsel at the United States Army Headquarters in the Pentagon, served for a short time as a platoon leader in Colorado, and was an executive officer to a Chief of Staff and Command Group Operations Officer. It appears that Garrison spent very little time in troop units — his time was spent in the Pentagon serving in the office of the General Counsel and in some amorphous “Command Group.”

For those not familiar with the Army structure, the Office of the General Counsel is where all the lawyers hang out. It is a very “privileged” office in the general scheme of the Pentagon. So, we see that Garrison did not go to the “field” as most Lieutenants do … he did not deploy to Afghanistan or Iraq … NO, he is spent much of his short, military tenure in a cushy job in the Pentagon.

This is important because it has to do with how perceptions and values are developed among the people serving in foxholes, losing arms and legs to IED’s, working 72 hours straight without sleep, getting rocketed by the enemy and bonding with their fellow soldiers — those of every race and ethnicity are a common and vital occurrence on the battlefield.

It is sad to say, but this former Army Officer was not forged by the thunderbolt — Garrison was a Lieutenant at the Pentagon — a terrible place for a Lieutenant. The Pentagon is not where shared experiences and relationships of field camaraderie and the operational mission develop.

Now, he is the “Expert” who is going to ferret out the “extremists” who the Generals say are not there. See what is going on — the Russians are gearing up for war — the Chinese are testing our resolve to protect and defend Taiwan and we are busy looking for a boogeyman in the ranks that may very well not exist — even if “Captain” Garrison thinks such a boogeyman is there, the Generals say otherwise.

I, for one, am going with the Generals on this one. There is not a single government agency more loyal to the Constitution than the United States Military. Every Soldier, Sailor, Marine and Coastguardsmen, officer and enlisted, must raise their right hand and take a solemn oath to support and defend the Constitution … I believe that each and every one who raises their hand voluntarily means what they say.

It is time to STOP the witch-hunts and get back to defending the Nation!

Note from the Editor– Bishop Garrison is a Lloyd Austin hire. Marc has written about Austin and his political background. It is so sad to see our Military worrying about non existent extremism, while real world events are shaking out. We need to vote out the people who have allowed this garbage to be pushed.


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