King: It is Time to Disbar Jamie Raskin

By: Marc King

New information released today in the EPOCH Times, an on-line news agency, informs us that the unfortunate death of Capital Hill Police Officer Brian Sicknick was not the result of being hit on the head with a fire extinguisher wielded by an enraged Trump supporter. That simply did not happen. The truth was offered to us by his mother who told the news agency:

“…her son was not beaten with a fire extinguisher by a mob on Jan. 6, saying he likely suffered a stroke instead—refuting reports from the New York Times and other outlets claiming otherwise.”

Officer Brian Sicknick

Since the raid on the Capital occurred, there has been a constant drumbeat to increase the government’s efforts to identify and persecute Trump supporters across the country – after all, they are all stone-cold killers, Nazi’s, domestic terrorists! A lie built on top of a lie for the sole purpose of separating us as Americans, consolidating power and intimidating the opposition into submission. The New York Times and the cable networks that carried this story for all these many weeks owe the American people an apology … I do not expect we will get one; but one is owed just the same.

The person that needs to be dealt a full dose of justice here is the Lead House Manager, Congressman Jamie Raskin, the Constitutional lawyer, who led the sham impeachment proceeding against the 45th President of the United States of America.

Congressman Raskin

Jamie Raskin stood in the well of the United States Senate and lied to the American people. He told all of us that, as a result of the activities that took place on Jan 6th ,

“…no less than 7 people were killed and that Officer Sicknick was was among the victims!”

This was a lie, and Raskin knew it was a lie, at the time he presented it to the Senate.

Jamie Raskin – Standing before the nation and lying

On Jan. 8, Sicknick’s brother told ProPublica that “Sicknick had texted about being pepper sprayed.ProPublica’s report also mentioned a stroke. So … in the full month since Officer Sicknick’s death and his brother’s report to the media that he may have suffered a stroke — One full month later, Feb. 9th, Raskin stood in the well of the United States Senate and told a bold-faced lie!

In fact, the truth is that only one person was killed on January 6th inside the Capital building — Ashli Babbitt, an Air Force veteran, who was fatally shot by an officer outside the House chambers. Unarmed, she was shot and killed by the government that she had served — killed without due process. The others who were reported as “Killed,” all Trump supporters, died of medical reasons — and not one of them had entered the Capital on that fateful day.

If this had been a court of law, with a real judge presiding, not a partisan Senator playing the role of “nonpartisan” judge, and Raskin had lied in the same manner that he did, he might have been held in contempt of court. And, furthermore, the presiding judge might have forwarded Raskin’s actions to the State Bar Associations Ethics Committee.

Jamie Raskin stood before the entire Nation and lied — an equitable outcome would be nothing less than disbarment.

Note from the Editor, Troy Smith: Thanks again to Marc King for a great article. The facts about January 6th are clear. Those who use the day as a political weapon are only unveiling themselves as partisan observers of fake media!


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