Launch Liberty released a shocking report just days ago revealing that sources have informed us that former Governor Hogan and his Senior Advisor Ron Gunzburger are currently under investigation for child sex trafficking.

That report details an incident from 1992 involving a Hogan-aide Kevin Lee Hall. Hall was arrested after kidnapping a 17 year-old boy at gunpoint, and forcing the child to have sex with him. In a report from the Baltimore Sun released after the event, Hogan campaign manager Ron Gunzburger told the Sun that Kevin Lee Hall actually lived at Larry Hogan’s home in Upper Marlboro. That Baltimore Sun article reads…

An aide and longtime friend to Maryland congressional candidate Larry Hogan Jr. has resigned from Mr. Hogan’s campaign after being charged with kidnapping a Baltimore teen-ager and forcing him to have sex.

Kevin Lee Hall, a Prince George’s County Republican leader, voluntarily left his position as one of the campaign’s field directors, campaign manager Ron Gunzburger said yesterday.

Mr. Gunzburger said the campaign was “stunned” by Mr. Hall’s arrest. Mr. Hall has been living in the candidate’s eight-bedroom home in Upper Marlboro since early summer, when Mr. Hall’s contracting business went bankrupt, Mr. Gunzburger said.

The article goes on to state that Hall not only worked for Larry Hogan, but also Hogan’s father. Hogan admits in the article that Hall, who kidnapped and forced a male child to have sex with him, was a longtime family friend. That portion of the report reads…

Mr. Hall previously worked for Mr. Hogan’s father, a former GOP congressman. Mr. Hall also worked in the Reagan White House. In his statement, Mr. Hogan referred to Mr. Hall as a “respected county official” who was elected to the Prince George’s County Republican Central Committee.

Mr. Gunzburger said he did not know whether Mr. Hall would continue to stay in Mr. Hogan’s home. “We don’t even know if he’s getting out of jail soon. The issue has not been broached,” he said.

He said Mr. Hogan had allowed Mr. Hall to move into an attic room in his house because he is used to helping “friends in need.”

Although he was staying with Mr. Hogan, Mr. Hall used his grandmother’s address in Upper Marlboro as his legal address, Mr. Gunzburger said.

The report continues….

Mr. Hall, 32, was arrested Monday and charged with kidnapping, a handgun violation and four counts of perverted sex practices, Baltimore police said. He was being held at the Baltimore Detention Center yesterday in lieu of $150,000 bail.

He is accused of forcing a 17-year-old boy into his Ford truck at gunpoint on Letitia Avenue in Southwest Baltimore early Monday, police said.

As you can see by the information posted by the Baltimore Sun, Hall was a local Maryland Republican leader. What does this say about the influence that Hogan still holds over the MDGOP today? What does it say about the friends, family, and associates of one Larry Hogan?

One Hogan associate, Chris Christie, is currently running for President of the United States.

Christie and Hogan have a well-documented history together. Christie even visited Maryland to campaign for Hogan during his first run for Governor back in 2014. See video of that visit below…

In a post made to his Facebook page back in 2016, former Governor Hogan refers to Chris Christie as a “friend for life”. See that post embeded below…

When Hogan left office in January of 2023, Chris Christie posted the following message to his Twitter page, calling Hogan “a friend and colleague”. See that post below…

Chris Christie was the keynote speaker for the MDGOP Spring 2023 convention.

Does Chris Christie know about Hogan’s checkered past? Does Christie understand that Larry Hogan has quite literally invited pedophiles to live at his home?

Considering how close the two publicly claim to be, one can only infer that Christie is well aware of exactly what Larry Hogan is. If not, would you elect somebody as President who is unaware of the company that they keep?

Launch Liberty will continue to expose the truth!


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