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It was September 10th, 2021 when members of the FBI issued a no-knock search warrant at the property of Caroline County Circuit Court Judge Johnathan Newell. The raid occurred at Newell’s property on Hooper’s Island, after the Maryland State Police had been investigating Newell for several months.

Newell was going to be taken into custody for federal charges of sexual exploitation of a child, and had been on a leave of absence from his position as a Caroline County Circuit Court Judge for several months. Police first raided his home in July of 2021 after several children who had been staying at Newell’s cabin in Fishing Creek, Maryland, reported discovering a camera in their bathroom while showering.

According to a public police report, two children were spending the night at Newell’s cabin on July 22nd, 2021, when one child discovered a hidden camera in the bathroom. The camera was reportedly in a small black bag, and aimed at the shower. Upon telling the other child about the news, the boys told their parents, leading to the parents contacting the authorities.

The witnesses even stated that there had been four other children, and one unnamed adult in the cabin with them on that night.

Police raided Newell’s home shortly after. Within the police report, Maryland State Police assert that while investigators were present in Newell’s home in July, that the Judge reportedly removed a memory card from the supposed camera, and swallowed it. Authorities then brought Newell for a CT scan, which confirmed that the Judge had swallowed a small metallic card.

As part of their investigation, authorities interviewed several other children that had connections to Newell, and had spent time with the Judge. The horrifying accounts of these children are enough to make anybody sick. The children stated that Newell would often ‘check their bodies for ticks’ while they stayed at his property, having the children undress. The children also recalled Newell touching their private areas during these ‘checks’. During their search of Newell’s home, authorities also discovered video footage of Newell molesting children dating back to 2014, and also videos of children showering.

After the FBI raided Newell’s home on September 10th, 2021, federal authorities discovered Newell dead, having suffered a reported ‘self-inflicted’ gunshot wound. He was pronounced dead at 6:43am. Suddenly, the FBI investigation into the prolific pedophilia of Judge Johnathan Newell was over, and Maryland State Police once again began investigating the apparent suicide of the pervert Judge.

Who Appointed Judge Johnathan Newell? Senate Candidate, and Former Governor Larry Hogan

Former Maryland Governor Larry Hogan appointed Judge Johnathan Newell to become a Caroline County Circuit Court Judge on July 1st, 2016. Newell was in the middle of an astounding 15-year-term when he died, highlighting the seriousness of Hogan’s appointment of Newell. This was not a small position, or a position that was going to change. Newell’s appointment made local news around Maryland.

Why Did Larry Hogan Appoint A Pedophile To The Judiciary?

It is also important to note that the Maryland State Police are exclusively directed by the Governor of Maryland. This is why it was Maryland State Police that were tasked with harassing local businesses and communities over Hogan’s illegal and unconstitutional COVID lockdowns.

Isn’t it convenient that as soon as federal authorities were about to get involved in the out-of-control, serial pedophilia of Johnathan Newell, that he suddenly decided to commit suicide? Because of Newell’s death, the case was immediately handed back to Maryland State Police, who again, were under control of Governor Larry Hogan at the time.

Hogan is no stranger to pedophilia. Launch Liberty exclusively reported that Hogan had harbored a pedophile in his home back back in 1992. Kevin Lee Hall, a Hogan aide who was living with Larry Hogan in Upper Marlboro, Maryland at the time, kidnapped and raped a 17-year-old boy at gunpoint, eventually being arrested by authorities. Hogan’s Chief of Staff, Ronald Gunzburger, told the Baltimore Sun after the incident that Hall had been living with Hogan, and that Hogan was unsure if Hall would continue to live with him. Even after Kevin Lee Hall had been charged with kidnapping, and raping a 17-year-old at gunpoint, Larry Hogan was unsure whether or not he would continue to allow Hall to live at his residence.

Why Have So Many Associates of Former Governor Larry Hogan Been Charged With Pedophilia?

Considering that Hogan has been provably involved with pedophiles for, at least, the last 32 years, is it possible that Hogan was the individual that the witnesses in the Maryland State Police report described? After all, considering that Hogan was in charge of the Maryland State Police at the time, why did the report conceal the identity of the second adult present at Newell’s pedophile cabin, and furthermore, why is the identity of that individual still unknown to this date?

Larry Hogan harbored a pedophile in his home. He also appointed a pedophile to the Judiciary while serving as Governor of Maryland. What does this say about the individuals that U.S. Senate candidate Larry Hogan chooses to associate with? Another Hogan official, former deputy Secretary of State Luis Borunda, was charged with sexual solicitation of a minor in September of 2023. This only adds to the long list of pedophiles that have had a close relationship with Larry Hogan.

Another Circuit Court Judge in Maryland, Larnzell Martin, who was arrested for sexual assault and indecent exposure in 1998, shares ties to Larry Hogan through attorney William C. Brennan, who also served as Hogan aide Kevin Lee Hall’s attorney in his own trial.

As a candidate for U.S. Senate, Hogan is attempting to make the case that he represents the opposition to Trump within the Republican Party. If Hogan’s associations are any indicator as to how he conducts himself, it’s safe to say that he should never be allowed to step foot into the United States Senate. Considering how he governed the State of Maryland, we already know that he is incapable of performing in a position of government.

There should be a federal investigation into Larry Hogan, and those around him. There is substantial evidence that Hogan is involved with prolific pedophilia at every turn of his career.

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