The media is reporting an alarming development: the COVID-19 virus has been specifically targeting conservative radio hosts!

Yes, in what is certainly the most incredible jump in evolution since COVID-19 evolved to resist soap and water, which was certainly the most incredible jump in evolution since COVID-19 evolved to resist social distancing, which was certainly the most incredible jump in evolution since COVID-19 evolved to identify and avoid masks, the COVID-19 virus has now gained the self-awareness necessary to profess allegiance to the Democratic Party and specifically murder conservative radio hosts!

(I’m sorry… I’m trying to write this while laughing so hard that I have tears in my eyes… bear with me here, folks… this is why it’s taken me so long to write this… because every time I start writing I just begin to laugh hysterically at this BS… okay, I think I’m ready now…)

You think I’m kidding? You think this is some kind of sick joke?? I’m serious! The media reports that in the last few months, FOUR conservative radio hosts have been murdered by COVID-19! Wait… no… FIVE conservative hosts have felt the icy grip of death as they’ve been (I’m guessing) lured down dark alleys only to see COVID-19 pointing the business end of a gunshow-loophole-fully-semiautomatic-chainsaw-bayonet-handgun at them!

(Dang it… every time I start trying to write this article the media keeps throwing more bodies on this pile… it was four, and then it was five, and now it’s seven? If I don’t get this done this morning it’ll never be finished…)

Wait! No! It’s SEVEN! Seven murders at the hands of COVID-19! Radio hosts and anti-maskers and activists!!

Okay, now to be serious here. This is obviously all a BS political narrative intended to frighten the unvaccinated into getting The Jab.

The truth is that radio hosts die all the time. There’s over 15,000 active radio stations in the United States, and you can guess there’s at least 10 on-air personalities at each station to cover their 24-hour programming. I did a search for radio hosts dying in the first six months of 2015 and came up with about 20 in the first four pages of results alone. It’s a good guess some of them made their conservative views known to their listeners. Turns out that sitting in a room for three hours a day while trying to sound excited might not be that good for your health.

Now let’s go a little higher to the 30,000-foot view. Why is the media promoting this ridiculous narrative?

Because the Left has come to realize that the only people dumb enough to line up to get an experimental injection using untried technology that doesn’t prevent infection from a virus for which they’re not at-risk… is their own damned voter base. Oops!

So to convince the opposing political party’s voter base to get The Jab, they roll out the theme of “everybody who convinced you not to get The Jab is now dead of COVID!! Ha ha ha!!”

But what the Leftists don’t understand is that over the last 20 years their opposing voter base is no longer “Republican” per se at its core. Their opposing voter base now consists of every rational, free-thinking person who left the Democratic Party because they went from being the party of JFK to the party of Marx, and I don’t mean Groucho. This includes myself, who after 29 years as a fairly conservative Democrat refused to ever again be associated with them once they started pushing “full term abortion,” or what we used to call “infanticide.”

The Leftist establishment has known for a century that it can profit off its group of True Believers, those who hold their political belief systems so highly above the welfare of both themselves and their own families that they’re willing to inject themselves with something they’ve been told doesn’t work for a virus that isn’t a threat… while arrogantly mocking those who take a more rational approach to their health decisions.

Unfortunately, in their arrogance Leftists cannot understand that not everybody is willing to surrender their free will and agency to their political leaders. Many people make their own decisions, and many people can see through what is obviously a (really, really, unbelievably stupid) attempt to frighten them into acting against their own better judgement.





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