Recent reports of Patrisse Cullors and her $3.2 million home collection got me thinking about BLM. I wanted to do a dive into the organization, and to see who is actually running the show.

Up until July of 2020, Black Lives Matter Global Network Foundation, the organization started by activist Patrisse Cullors, was owned by a California organization called ‘Thousand Currents’.

BLMGN has NEVER been a standalone non profit. They have ALWAYS had a parent 501C3 ‘charity’.

On July 10, 2020, ‘Thousand Currents’ transferred control of the ‘BLMGN’ to another group called the ‘Tide Center’.

What exactly is the Tide Center? It’s important to know.

Cullors’ group made an astronomical amount of money under the ‘Tide Center’ compared to the years when they were controlled by ‘Thousand Currents’.

In 2019, under the direction of ‘Thousand Currents’, BLMGN reported a revenue generation of $3,354,654. That is for the entire year.

In 2018, they posted similar numbers, pulling in $2,622,017.

There is not a doubt that those are large sums of money, but auditing revealed that OVER 83% of the money earned in those years was used on personal, travel, and consulting fees for the ‘leadership’.

Less than 6% of the BLMGN donations in 2018-2019 went to grant programs, including THEIR OWN LOCAL BLM chapters.

When we look at 2020, we see the difference.

In 2020, under the direction of the ‘Tide Center’, BLMGN generated $90 MILLION.

Only $21.7 million was used for grants. While this is much higher than the 6% we saw before, it is still not inline with a nonprofit organization.

They spent $8.4 million on personal expenses.

BLMGN held on to nearly 2/3 of the money, reporting an end of year balance of $60 MILLION.

It’s rather obvious that it PAYS to be a member of the ‘Tide Center’. Revenues for ‘BLMGN’ increased x30.

So what exactly IS the Tide Center?

It is a nonprofit 501C3 that is based in San Francisco, California. Their own mission statement is this…

It was started in 1996 by a man called ‘Drummond Pike’. ‘Drummond Pike’ is a left wing donor. He is good friends with Wade Rathke, former head of ‘ACORN’, the now defunct community organizing organization.

‘ACORN’ was caught during the Obama administration helping a sting operation by ‘Project Veritas’ founder James O’Keefe. They were attempting to help O’Keefe and his actor girlfriend establish an underage prostitution ring in many states.

After Congress learned of the scandal, they de-funded ‘ACORN’. That didn’t stop Drummond Pike from hiring Wade Rathke to sit on the BOARD of the Tide Center, which he does to this day.

When looking at the finances of the ‘Tide Center’, we see that they reported revenues of $150 MILLION in 2018. $137 million of that sum was given to the ‘Tide Center’ via grants. Not just from government, but from other organizations as well.

The Tide Center reports a net gain of $102 MILLION in 2018.

According to, the Tide Center has received over $24 MILLION in government grants since 2016. Since 2008, they have received over $33 million.

This is a large amount of money, but nowhere close to the $100 million in revenue reported in 2018 alone. Where is the rest of coming from?


They list their major donors as the following…

We see the major donors are the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation, along with George Soros.

This is verifiable proof that Black Lives Matter is funded by George Soros, and Bill Gates. It isn’t ‘wild conspiracy theory’, but absolute fact.

While these ‘philanthropists’ should be held accountable for the movements the fund, they still have the right to fund them. They have the right to fund movements that they want to fund.

They don;t have the right to steal taxpayer money to do it.

It is absolutely UNACCEPTABLE for ANY government money, aka TAXPAYER money, to go to the ‘Tide Center’. Whatever you believe about BLM, their own leaders are self avowed Marxists.

Their political leanings are not a secret. Yet, our government continues to fund such a partisan organization in such a roundabout way?? It is absolutely WRONG.

The Tide Center CONTROLS the ‘BLMGN’. The Tide Center is also funded by Bill and Melinda Gates, and George Soros.

That isn’t good enough for CNN.

Watch as CNN dismisses every attempt to reveal Soros for who he is. They even claim that it is ‘conspiracy theory’ to suggest that Soros funds protestors.

This is a shining example of why old media is DYING, while new media is THRIVING.



CONTACT YOUR REPRESENTATIVES TODAY AND TELL THEM TO DEFUND the Tide Center. It is a radical Marxist group that funds other radical Marxist groups.


  1. Quite a can of worms you have uncovered and documented.

    Thank you for prying the lid off so we can see what we all are paying for via our taxed dollars!


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