I would like to begin this discussion with a quote from one of our Founding Fathers — Alexander Hamilton who said…

“If it be asked, what is the most sacred duty and the greatest source of security in the Republic? The answer would be, an inviolable RESPECT FOR THE CONSTITUTION AND LAWS”

This is where the case begins — RESPECT FOR THE CONSTITUTION AND LAWS.

One only has to look at the situation at our southern border to understand that acting President of the United States, Joe Biden has created a situation that is in direct and flagrant violation of our immigration laws. On January 20th when he slinked into the Office of the Presidency things at the border were clearly under control.

Yes, there were still illegal border crossers as there have been since the time Mexico seeded Texas to America. But by all reports from the Customs and Border Patrol agents on the ground they could easily handle the traffic that was still coming through the still unfinished border wall — but it was under control.

So let’s take a more detailed look at what we are dealing with here — Federal Immigration Law. Federal laws are written by Congress and become effective when signed by the U.S. president or when a presidential veto is overridden.

The Immigration and Nationality Act, which is the main law governing immigration in the United States, came from Congress, and it is Congress that has the power to change it or to write any other laws affecting immigration.

The agencies of the executive branch of government are responsible for administering Congress’s immigration laws by passing rules and regulations and actively carrying them out. The regulations are usually more expansive, detailed versions and interpretations of Congress’s laws, created by the agencies that administer those laws.

US-Canada border will remain closed to nonessential travel at least June 21  | CNN Travel

They must be followed like law, but they can’t be inconsistent with Congress’s laws. And yet the executive orders that have been issued by the acting President of the United States are very inconsistent with Congresses law.

On January 20th of this year the oath of office was administered to Joe Biden. The oath is found in Article II of the Constitution. It contains 35 words and goes as follows:

“I do solemnly swear (or affirm) that I will faithfully execute the Office of President of the United States, and will to the best of my ability, preserve, protect and defend the Constitution of the United States.”

Now this is the part that does not appear to be really hard, but Biden and his cabinet members seem to have a great deal of difficulty with … and will to the best of my ability, preserve, protect and defend the Constitution of the United States. Perhaps it is his ability that is in question here but the executive orders that he has written regarding the opening of our southern border are wreaking havoc on the entire country and he does not seem to care.

Are there holes in the Constitution? - Harvard Law Today

His executive orders do not appear to be consistent with the Laws passed by Congress — the law of the land and right there I believe we have the grounds for an impeachment. This is not about a phone call that the Swamp disagreed with or made up pretext by the Speaker of the House to try to impeach a President … this is a hard … step on it fact … we can see the video with our own eyes … thousands of people from all over the world not just from Mexico and Central America streaming into the southern boarder and our Acting President is doing nothing about it.

This brings us to the final phase and one we all became familiar with in the last legitimately authorized administration — the term “High Crimes and Misdemeanors”. Without going through the entire history of this term, which is taken from Article II, Sec.4 of the Constitution what we need to know is explained in an article written for the Atlantic magazine by Frank O. Bowman III titled: The Common Misconception About ‘High Crimes and Misdemeanors’.

Bowman tells us that … Both action and inaction by the chief magistrate, if sufficiently dangerous to the republic, must be impeachable if impeachment is to serve its intended purpose. Even conduct motivated by a sincere and deeply held principle can be a constitutional “high Crime.”

Here are some things Joe Biden has said on his march to the front of the  Democratic primary field.

Clearly the activities at our southern border represent both action and inaction by our acting Chief Magistrate when it comes to the national security of the Nation. His willingness to flaunt the laws passed by Congress and to act in a dangerous and wreak less manner despite any deeply held principles he might have on the matter … do, by his very actions constitute a “High Crime” and impeachment proceeding should be initiated.

Now, I may have been born at night, but it was not last night. The idea that Nancy Pelosi would draft Articles of Impeachment against the current acting President could only happen in the land of Unicorns. But consider the possibility … in just 16 months we will have an election for the House of Representatives and the Senate.

A Republican majority in the House could propose such Articles of Impeachment and a Republican majority in the Senate could hold a trial that convicts Biden forcing him from office. That is not rooted in Unicorns — that is how the process works! But it will up to the Republican party to stiffen their backbones, put aside their “white gloves and party manners” and take up this mantel. After all it was the Socialist Demarcates that decided Impeachment was now a political tool — a tool that must now be used by the Republican if they are to save the Republic!

So I leave you again with the words of Alexander Hamilton: “If it be asked, what is the most sacred duty and the greatest source of security in the Republic? The answer would be, an inviolable RESPECT FOR THE CONSTITUTION AND LAWS”.





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