Michelle Malkin, a notable Conservative pundit appeared on Newsmax to SEAR the left over their ‘critical race theory’. She exposed the ‘war on whites’ that is currently taking place in our education system.

Hating whites is the most virtuous thing you can do as a leftist. Malkin points that out by saying that the lefties are ‘hurling themselves under the bus to prove their virtue’.

Malkin shows us a play that was cancelled for being ‘too white’ and a 2020 Presidential candidate Marianne Williamson leading her white followers in an ‘apology to black people’.

Even Cartoon Network was caught pushing woke leftist theory to children, as Malkin plays a clip from the network talking about ‘prioritizing white accomplishment’.

Malkin correctly points out that EVERYTHING is racist to the left.

The most troubling video that Malkin shows is one of a child being berated into identifying race. The teacher from Virginia forces the student to identify a person based on race, refusing to actually do it himself. Credit to the student, he does not give in.

People like this teacher should be fired. We must ensure that leftist lunatics do not have access to our children.

They are instilling some INSANE ideologies in our public schools.

It is up to us as Americans to stand up to these woke leftists, and let them know that you will not indoctrinate our children. The Teacher’s Union should be disbanded. At the very least.

This kind of hatred and racism is poison to our society. Lefties will tell you that conservatives are the problem, but they aren’t. Conservatives are just Americans who want to see people have a shred of respect for their country. Not tear it down in the name of woke leftist bullshit.

Skin color does not matter. It never has, and it never will. Anybody telling you otherwise is LYING. We know that.

If we instill this fact into our children, and our society, then the woke mob will have ZERO power over us.


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