By: Ben Goss

The Mainstream Media made sure to slander Kyle Rittenhouse in every way possible. Rittenhouse was recently found NOT GUILTY on all counts.

Benjamin Goss watched nearly every moment of the Rittenhouse trial. Ben also documented some of the largest mainstream media lies about the case.

The media quite literally attempted to paint Kyle Rittenhouse as a ‘white supremacist’ for having the courage to stand up for his community.

1. Did you know that KHR did NOT in fact cross state lines while armed. Point in fact, the rightful gun owner did, as he was legally permitted to do.

2. Did you know that Kenosha Police Department was in fact told to stand down as businesses were destroyed?

3. Did you know that in fact, KHR’s father, grandmother, and many of his friends all live in Kenosha, just 20 minutes from where he also resided with his mother part time in Illinois?

4. Did you know that, lending credence to his ties to the community, KHR was videotaped earlier on 25 August 2020 cleaning graffiti from buildings in Kenosha.

5. Did you know that in fact KHR’s ownership & possession of a long barreled AR-15 gun was NOT illegal?

6. Did you know that prior to being ambushed by 4 rioters, KHR in fact put out a dumpster fire that was in the process of being rolled down allegedly in an attempt to blow up a gas station? An event that likely would have resulted in the deaths of many of people around it had the rioters been successful.

7. Did you know that the scene had devolved from generic protesting into outright violence and that KHR was in fact attempting to help others defuse the situation by putting out fires and offering aid?

8. KHR was in fact putting out fires upon request at Car Source Lot 3. Then, the situation degraded, he then attempted to leave the car lot.

9. Did you know that KHR is recorded on video attempting to leave the car lot, and that he was recorded on video being cornered by least three individuals, and that one individual fired a gun into the air prior to his firing the first time?

10. Did you know that KHR only fired at Joseph Rosenbaum AFTER Rosenbaum attempted to take his rifle from him? This is also after Rosenbaum had threatened on more than once instance to kill him.

11. Did you know that at first KHR attempted to render aid to Rosenbaum, despite being attacked, before noting that journalist McGinnis was rendering aid?

12. Did you know that subsequent to his shooting of Rosenbaum, that Anthony Huber than struck him with a skateboard not just one time in the head, but twice upon the head and neck and was proceeding to continue his assault when KHR fired resulting in the second shooting death? In the process of the Huber assault, he was also struck with a rock.

13. Did you know that subsequent to this, “Jump kick man” (now identified as Maurice Freeland) then proceeded to jump and kick KHR twice in the face, resulting in KHR firing twice and missing? At which point Freeland moved off to avoid being shot.

14. Did you know that subsequent to Jump-Kick Man’s assault, Gage Grosskreutz, then immediately approached KHR, and admitted in court upon cross examination that KHR did not fire at him until Grosskreutz aimed his pistol at KHR’s head?

15. Did you know that no evidence was ever presented at trial to intimate that this was a hate crime in some fashion, and that no accusation of white supremacy has been made against KHR other than by the Legacy MSM and President Joe Biden?

16. Did you know that despite Legacy MSM accusations to the contrary, no evidence of race motivation has been connected regarding a white male, KHR, shooting three white males?

17. Did you know that calling KHR a murderer is now legally defamation of his character because he has been acquitted of murder by a jury of his peers in accordance with Wisconsin State Law and the United States Constitution? Neither is it fair to say that KHR committed multiple crimes when he in fact committed none, and has been subsequently acquitted on all counts.

18. Did you know that KHR attempted to turn himself into police in Kenosha on scene, and then at a police station in Kenosha was unable to do so, and then subsequently travelled to his mother’s home in order to turn himself in at Antioch [IL] police department? Criminals flee – they don’t try three times to turn themselves in to face the music.

19. Did you know that Judge Schroeder was appointed to the bench in 1983 by a Democratic governor, and is the longest serving current circuit judge in Wisconsin? His conduct is worth its own article – but suffice it to say – none of his actions, rulings, temperament or management of his court was out of the ordinary. Stay tuned for more on this point. Let’s briefly discuss facts that are irrelevant to the evaluation and subsequent outcome of the trial, but that have become a topic of conversation in the media whirlwind surrounding this politically motivated prosecution.

20. Point in fact, KHR’s comments prior to the events of the tragic night in question do NOT reveal his state of mind on the night in question. The Legacy MSM would have us believe that the prosecution being barred from presenting the irrelevant video recordings somehow improperly affected the outcome of the trial. Yet, they impugn and malign the character of KHR, while ignoring his actual behavior on the night in question. Deeds should matter more, but in the eyes of the Legacy MSM, they would hang someone for their statements rather than their actions. Instead they are trying to create extra-event context that had no bearing on the actual event. Thank God that trial by media-narrative yet remains illegal.

21. Point in fact, much of the unrest and violence in Kenosha had nothing to do with protesting the lawful shooting. Did you know that it was simply gratuitous violence & destruction of property? The gratuitous violence and anarchical chaos which was allowed to propagate with a crescendo of intensity left property owners and business owners subject to mob violence.

22. Why does anyone think that these property owners should go defenseless when the governing authorities refuse to protect them and their livelihoods? How can anyone say with legitimate gravitas that the destruction of minority communities by anyone whether by anti-American whites or aggravated minorities somehow benefits those same minority communities?

23. Did you know that every single person who assaulted KHR was a criminal? Why would I say this is not relevant? Because KHR didn’t engage them and runs police report prior to shooting at them. He simply responded to force with force. It should not matter – but it is illustrative of who was out that night and what they were in fact up to; gratuitous violence, or so it would appear based on video evidence.

  • Joseph Rosenbaum was convicted of 5 counts of child rape, and they are horrific crimes (2011). As Tucker Carlson died, Rosenbaum was killed attempting to touch another unwilling minor child.
  • Anthony Huber was convicted of strangulation and false imprisonment (2012).
  • Maurice Freeland has a lengthy criminal history including battery, disorderly conduct, possession of marajuana and apparently a DUI from 2021.
  • Gaige Grosskreutz, has multiple arrests over the recent past few years and his felony conviction has reportedly been expunged – but, he was in Kenosha with a concealed pistol on an expired concealed weapons permit. It appears Mr. Grosskreutz has had extensive interaction with law enforcement, but research makes it unclear as to whether or not he was in fact a felon at the time of the Kenosha shooting that cost him 90% of his bicep. Conclusion

24. At the end of the day, the most significant takeaway is this: the Prosecution, under extensive pressure from media outlets, despite obvious extensive exculpatory video evidence, chose to prosecute a 17 year old boy in the most clear cut case of self defense ever recorded in live video feeds in less than 48 hours. It is unreasonable to suggest that there was sufficient time to digest voluminous video data, and interview witnesses, in order to conduct reasonable due diligence before initiating prosecution. It’s clear the decision to prosecute preceded an understanding of the evidence and demonstrates clear, egregious and unconscionable prosecutorial conduct.

25. The prosecution has belatedly acknowledged their obligation to ethically proceed by refusing to make statements to the media. Unfortunately, this is more likely a maneuver to claw back reputations scorched by their ill-advised and foolish rush to prospect a manifestly innocent young man. And that likely more than any sudden interest in the ethics that were obviously absent their process and procedure in their thinly-“legal” assault upon KHR.

The assasination of the character of Kyle H. Rittenhouse by the media, and the prosecution that fell sway to the hyperbolic and emotional stupidity of the same, should bring us all pause.

But for the courageous, thoughtful and careful deliberation of twelve citizens – our 2A rights and our Ancient Right of Self Defense could have suffered a catastrophic blow.

The Legacy MSM has become an angry cloud of clamoring fools trying to eliminate the brightest functioning light of republican democracy the world has ever known.

Are we perfect? Hell No. But, if we fail to stop the encroachment of totalitarianism as advanced by the Democrat party, and their partners in Big Tech and the Legacy MSM – America will resolve into Amerika – and our children will never know what freedom is. Long Live Liberty. Viva Libertad!





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