Back in 2018 when Big Tech platforms were conspiring to censor crucial political information being spread across their sites, they decided that one network would be their target. That network was Alex Jones’ Infowars.

Jones was taken off of Youtube, Facebook, and Itunes on August 6th, 2018. The tech giants moved in unison to attempt to silence his voice.

Hours of the content posted to Infowars was lost forever when these accounts were purged from existence.

Founded in 1999, InfoWars had been uploading content for more than a decade before they were ultimately pulled. Hundreds of millions of people viewed their content.

Without Social Media platforms to reach people, Jones had his revenue streams cut dramatically. Despite the lesser revenue, he continued to fund Infowars.

He created his own video platform, He has been posting his video content, along with many other content producers that Jones has brought on, exclusively to that site for the last four years.

Even though Big Tech attempted to stop him from being able to speak, Jones found a way around them.

He was able to play a major role in the 2020 Election, leading the Stop the Steal rallies across the nation. Jones was the main organizer for the largest political of our time, January 6th.

Whatever you think of Infowars, it is indisputably one of, if not the largest independent Conservative news organization in the world.

It is a foreign thing to speak truth in a world of liars, as I have found with running Launch Liberty. A lot of people get extremely angry when you expose the absolute truth.

Alex Jones has a quality about him that makes him entertaining. It is the reason why his appearances on Joe Rogan are among the most listened to podcasts in the history of the internet.

Alex Jones cuts through the lies. He is undoubtedly a major reason why we got President Donald Trump in the first place.

Jones and Infowars were crucial in exposing the nefarious activities of the Clintons. It was Jones who was speaking of Jeffery Epstein years before the first reports began to circulate in the mainstream media.

It has been Alex Jones and Infowars, routinely, that form the main global resistance to organizations like the ‘World Economic Forum’.

It must be noted that it was not until Jones had been deplatformed from Social Media, and had successfully built his own platform that this lawsuit over the Sandy Hook Massacre coverage was launched.

Why did this not happen when Jones was not being deplatformed? It surely seems as if it is nothing more than a reason to attempt to silence Infowars for good.

Yesterday, mainstream media began to circulate reports that Jones will be responsible for over $1 Billion in damages over his Sandy Hook coverage.

This is despite the fact that Jones has proved that he does not even have $1 million at his disposal. The number is so ludicrous that it really cannot be put into words.

Infowars covering of the story, which was originally published by Zero Hedge, had nothing to do with the death of these children.

Regardless of what the public may think about his statements about Sandy Hook, or about the fact that he covered the Zero Hedge article, Jones still has a right to the First Amendment.

He can think or say anything he likes about Sandy Hook. The Court has no right to determine the thought process of the individual.

This ruling is not only nonsensical, it is dangerous. It sets the precedent that anybody who threatens the abusive powers of the political establishment can be squashed at will.

Alex Jones has been right about an awful lot of things. He has been an essential piece of the America First movement, and breaking the illusion of the political world we see before us.

This lawsuit wasn’t about Sandy Hook, or the families. This was about silencing a man, and his organization, which had successfully thwarted every attempt to silence them.

Let us pray that this case is appealed, and that the horrendously abhorrent ruling is reversed. Under no circumstance can an unconstitutional attack against an individual allowed to become precedent.

Remember, the censoring of Alex Jones was the precursor to all of the intense censorship we see today. If this unbelievable ruling is allowed to stand, the precedent will be set that any American who dissents can be legally destroyed.

It is Alex Jones today, but it will be you tomorrow. Launch Liberty stands with Infowars, and Alex Jones.





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