As the past several weeks have gone by, I find myself more irritable than usual. Everything seems to be a bit off and I have had my wife say to me “Why are you being so short about somethings”? That caused me to stop and think — why am I being so testy lately?

Well I have given it some serious thought and here is what I have concluded — I’m not “testy” — I am flat out ANGRY about the way things have been going in this country and I suspect that they will not be getting better any time soon. I also suspect that what is making me angry is also making a lot of other American angry — so just what is driving these feelings.

I would start with the loss of the First Amendment of the Constitution. It takes an enormous amount of “CHUTZPAH” (Oxford Languages Dictionary defines as “extreme self-confidence or audacity and in this example it is audacity) for Jen Psaki to stand on the platform of the White House Briefing Room and inform the American people that if you have an opinion that is different then Joe Biden’s it should labeled misinformation and you should be banned from the social media platform that your speech was posted on — and for that matter you should be banned from all social media.

Now I was taught in 9th grade civics that if the people want to change the Constitution we do that by amending it… Study.Com tell us the Constitution’s Article V lays out the process by which the Constitution may be amended. There are actually four different ways, but only one is widely used … so let’s just focus on that:

Proposal by Congress, with ratification by the state legislatures. This method was used for all current amendments except one.

No where in the Constitution does it say that the Executive, the President of the United States, or any of his Cabinet or Staff has the authority to suspend, dilute or disregard the Constitution or any of its Amendment or parts. It is the very same Constitution that I swore an oath to protect and defend on December 6, 1966 — so when I hear Ms. Psaki speak in the manner she does — It really ticks me off.

Oath Of Enlistment | Military quotes, Usmc quotes, Usmc

I’m angry that we cannot have faith in the election just held some months ago because we cannot be allowed to know what took place in the Socialist Democrat strong holds across the country. There seems to be enough smoke to generate a fire but those who are in charge have steadfastly refused to allow a full investigation to take place — Why is that? Information is leaked out every day that diminishes our belief in an election process that is fair — Politicians will not bring forth information that can deny or confirm the numerous irregularities that seem to be there and yet the will not. What are they hiding? Their behavior ticks me off.

I am angry about the southern border. I’m not angry at the people who have crossed or will cross illegally. It falls under Maslow’s “Hierarchy of Needs” theory. But what really ticks me off is that this situation was well under control on January 20th of this year and just 6 months later the entire country has been plunged into chaos by illegals being moved around the county in the middle of the night by airplanes being supported by the US Air Force … No one seems to know where they are going or how they will be supported when they get there and still they come… enough to make you angry — No? And now we hear that US military assets have been put to the task of moving these people around the country — since there arrival here is illegal, a clear violation of our statues regard immigration then it must be concluded by that any use of the military and its assets to harbor or support the movement of those breaking the law has now turned those in the military into lawbreakers themselves.

Border Chaos: A journalist’s perspective from Mexico | WOAI

The Uniform Code of Military Justice, the UCMJ is clear on this matter — lawful orders must be obeyed. However, when the base commander orders his airmen and woman that they cannot communicate what they are seeing take place under the cover of darkness on the airbase — that is not a lawful order — a member of the US military cannot be ordered to break the law intentionally and knowingly. So when this occurs, and it is occurring it really gets my dander up!

Black Lives Matter except in Chicago, Los Angeles, Washington DC and New York! Every weekend it’s the same report — young people, innocent bystanders are being gunned down in the streets of their cities and no one seems to give a hoot. Blame the gun — not the gunmen — it really pisses me off!

I’m angry about the uneven application of the law — begin to burn down a federal Courthouse and injure those inside protecting it — you walk in 24 hours — Invade the Capital and you are an insurrectionist with an 8 month prison sentence. Loot, burn and destroy property — no problem you earned it. Firebomb police cars even if you are a sworn Officer of the Court and nothing happens… Nor does it happen when you are the Governor of New York, and you are accused by multiple women of sexual harassment — you carry on killing old folks with COVID and nothing happens. Oh… wait something does happen — you make a book deal for millions and still the people you executed are still dead. So… why wouldn’t I be angry?

Portland police declare riot after demonstrators target federal courthouse  | KATU

Oh the list goes on: Critical Race Theory… being told by the PTA that they own your child, and if you disagree with them ‘you should die’! The Chairman of the Joints Chiefs of Staff being so WOKE that he is searching for offensive tattoos in the ranks and debating “Gay Pride” flags while our enemies are training their asses off for nuclear war. The next generation of military leaders at West Point being taught that the color of your skin matters so maybe the person you need to rely on will not be reliable — never saw that happen in the foxhole when the bullets were flying — seems we were all of the same mind then as we should be now — but we are not and that ticks me off.

Then there is China and Russia — and they really tick me off. The fact that we are seriously compromised by the Biden Crime Family — Hunters Laptop tells the tale — both of these international rivals have their hand in Bidens back pocket and at least 50% of the country does not care. Why is that? Because it really ticks me off.

Russia and China should be viewed as 'one alliance' in the Arctic, U.K.  defense official warns - POLITICO

I am paying more for my gasoline — and that seriously ticks me off. Food is costing more and so why shouldn’t Americans be angrier — I certainly am. With inflation the money are worked hard to save for my “Golden Years” is being eroded away. My family is forced to make choices that Americans should not have to make — like seeking out private schools when they pay taxes to support the public school system. That ticks me off. Taxes are going up and services are coming down. We are turning into a nation of “good enough” rather than a nation that is proud of what it achieves. Socialism and Communism looks good to some in this country and that really ticks me off.

They are wearing us down – and that My Fellow Americans — is why I am not just ticked off that that is why I’m ANGRY!





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