Joe Biden made it very clear last night. There is no end to what the Democrats will promise. For years now, the Democrats have played the political giveaway game.

Free college, free housing, free food, free phones, free healthcare. Free free free free free free free. That is the name of their game… and it works.

Millions of people vote for the Democrats every few years just for this purpose. They believe they will get free college, free healthcare, and free housing. Polling shows it, ‘socialist programs‘ are popular, but ‘Socialism’ is not. We have seen this time and time again. Just like in Venezuela, if given the chance, most societies will usher in socialism. The Soviet Union, China, nearly all of Europe. They all do it.

In fact, this is the argument used by the Democrats. Bernie Sanders often talks about Scandinavian countries for their public programs. What he fails to tell you is that most of those ‘social programs’ are privatized. In other words, the government doesn’t control them. Socialism is ‘popular’ because the package it’s sold in is a complete lie. People don’t want ‘socialism‘ they want a public safety net. They don’t want to get sick and lose their home. That is perfectly understandable.

You don’t get a public safety net with big government. In nearly every instance that government is given the reigns to a control system this vast, the situation quickly turns ugly.

In Venezuela, we see people eating their pets for food. Losing weight, reduced to mere skeletons as they battle in the streets for food. It is living hell. Private companies stopped doing business in Venezuela for a long time because the government would literally steal their imports.

In the Soviet Union, 60 million were killed. In China, estimates go as high as 100 million. All from government control.

What we are seeing from our Congress right now is not normal, at all. It is not the actions of an opposing political party, but a dictatorial occupying force.

We see bills in Congress to expand the Supreme Court, allowing the Democrats to pack FOUR of their own judges in. We see bills that would ban over 200 styles of semi automatic rifles. We see bills that would create national gun registries. We see bills that would create federal gun licensing.

We see bills that would usurp the Constitution, allowing Congress to override state procedures on voting. We see spending bill, after spending bill, after spending bill jam packed with liberal goodies. Yet the Republican party does nothing.

We are facing unmasked tyranny like we have never seen before in the history of our country. Yet the Republican party says nothing.

As I watched Tim Scott last night, I cringed. I saw Mitch McConnell 2.0.

The worst part was his championing of the total fraud that is the ‘American Rescue Plan’.

When I watched Kevin McCarthy react to Tim Scott’s rebuttal, I cursed.

McCarthy, who had just weeks before been BASHING the Coronavirus relief bill, actually said that Tim Scott should run for President.

In my opinion, Scott was weak, soft spoken, and unclear. He isn’t a gifted speaker, by any means. I did not believe a WORD he was saying. I watched as he praised the high spending, and focused on things such as race in America. This is on the SAME DAY that Rudy Giuliani’s apartment had been raided by the Feds.

Here we have open socialism being preached, passed, and applauded in our Congress, and the Republicans are PROUD of it? Are you KIDDING ME?

It seems to me that the Republican party is focused, COMPLETELY, on the wrong issues. I would like to offer up 5 HUGE issues that Republicans can run on, AND WIN on, in 2022 and 2024. These are the issues that matter to the people.

5) Demilitarize Washington D.C. NOW!

The Military Occupation of D.C. for Biden's Inauguration Is a National  Disgrace | The New Republic

Our Capitol has been under military occupation since January 6th, 2021. After the protest, National Guard erected a large fence around the Capitol. The guards still patrol the wall, investigating anybody who comes close.

This is absolutely unacceptable. Our leaders are not Kings and Queens. They are not above us. They work FOR us. They have absolutely no right to militarily occupy our Capitol.

Taking down that fence should be the #1 priority of the Republican party. Everybody knows that it is all just a political show.

Demilitarizing our Capitol should be the FIRST PRIORITY of the Republican Party.

4) Finish The Wall, Toughen Up On Illegal Immigration

DHS chief marks first section of Trump's border wall. (But it kinda looks  like a fence.)

Every American sees what is happening on our Southern Border. We know that is was the open armed policies of the Biden administration that created the crisis at our Southern Border.

On day one of his administration, Joe Biden halted the Border Wall construction. Why is this not hammered by every Republican in Congress? The wall needs to be finished… NOW!

This is a man made crisis created by the ineptitude of leftist policy. A perfect opportunity to show how government should be run. One of the FEW responsibilities given to our federal government is the defense of its citizens.

This should be the first priority of the federal government.

We owe illegal immigrants absolutely NOTHING. Taking these people in and giving them benefits is a security risk, an economic risk, and a practical nightmare.

We should turn away every single person that comes to our Southern Border. Every single one. Send them back to wherever the hell they came from. We owe them NOTHING. Especially when our own citizens are in the middle of an economic crisis.

3) Slashing Taxes and Regulation

Will I Owe the IRS Tax on My Stimulus Payment?

The Democrats play a game of responsibility when it comes to taxes. They claim that it is a duty of citizenship to pay. They criticize the wealthy for not paying enough.

The truth is that the Democrats are the ones who need to take responsibility. They already collect an insane $3 trillion per year in taxes. They outspend that amount by over $4 trillion every year.

Where are the results? There are none. They just steal the money, per usual. They give it to their friends via grants.

Government is not RESPONSIBLE enough to control funds. Even if the goal on the Left is redistribution of wealth, it is not doable by government.

Our ‘war on poverty‘ has only resulted in more poverty. Just like the failed ‘war on drugs‘. Government is inept.

If taxes were optional, NOBODY would pay them. If people felt like they were getting something for their taxes, they would pay it happily. Instead, we see a very different world. Families crying around their kitchen table looking at a multi thousand dollar yearly tax bill.

If you don’t pay, people with guns show up and confiscate your things. They arrest you. If anyone else, besides government, behaved in that manner, they would be imprisoned. Not government. They are applauded for their behavior.

We need to take away the idea that government is entitled to ANY of our earnings. They don’t deserve a dime. The American people are not their piggy bank to withdraw from.

Direct taxation is against everything America was founded on. It should be absolutely condemned by our leaders.

2) Dismantle Partisan Federal Law Enforcement

FBI Sting Brings Down Corrupt Cops - CBS News

The FBI raided Rudy Giuliani yesterday over an investigation into the Ukraine.

This comes while Hunter Biden, who made up to $83k a month in a Ukrainian Energy company with no experience, continues to live with Secret Service protection in Venice Beach, CA.

I wrote about that here.

The FBI has also been caught time and time again spying on Americans, illegally. Most of the mass shooters that we see were on the FBI watch list at some point. Just recently, the Colorado grocery store shooter was on the ‘Do Not Buy’ list for guns, but was still able to purchase a firearm just DAYS before the shooting.

These agencies, including the FBI, CIA, NSA, and ATF are completely partisan. Not only that, but they fail to do their job.

They need to have their funding sliced, and their powers dismantled. They have earned that much.

1) SLASH Government Spending and Foreign Aid To Strengthen The Dollar

U.S. Bureau of Engraving and Printing - How Money is Made - Currency  Inspection

Every time the government spends another dollar, they are putting our country and our people in jeopardy. The United States doesn’t have any money. We are flat broke.

We shouldn’t be giving foreign aid to ANYBODY while our own bridges and roads are deteriorating. Of course, the Biden administration doesn’t care about the people’s money. Instead of moving foreign aid into infrastructure spending, they propose further taxation.

The Republicans have to be the antithesis of this idea of limitless spending. They have to be careful, though. Any attempt to limit government spending will be categorized as ‘racist, uncaring, and terrible’ by the Left wing and their media cohorts.

The Republican party is scared to be the party of fiscal responsibility. What they fail to incorporate is a decent explanation as to why fiscal responsibility is preferable to the socialist fever dream.

The truth is that by limiting government spending, we are making every dollar in the people’s bank account more valuable. We need to entice the American people to save, instead of enticing them with 0% interest.

Republicans MUST explain the ramifications of this kind of big government honestly, rationally, and clearly.

I saw NONE of that from Tim Scott, or the Republican establishment that is backing him. We need to focus on these issues. These are the issues that matter to the American people.

We cannot allow big government socialists to take over our nation. THe current Republican establishment has shown that they are incapable of standing up for We The People.

In this coming election, it isn’t enough to just support Republicans. We need AMERICA FIRST candidates. Sell outs should be ousted and barred from our party. If a politician wants to take advantage of our people, he/she can go join the Democrat party.

We are DONE with the BULLSHIT! America FIRST!




  1. I turned on the TV last night and discovered that Santa Claus had come to town!

    “Free” this, “free” that, “free even more of that, and then — we heard that “only” those making more than $400,000 per year — and corporations — would be paying for all of these “free” services, benefits, programs — almost to the old political: “a chicken in every pot” rant!

    I am sure mathematicians are signing up for “New Math”, “Common Core Math”, and any other course that would help them learn how the price tags on this Democrat “pie-in-the-sky” pipe dream actually is paid “only” by those making over $400,000 per year — and corporations!

    I am sure many in the last several generations who received “dumbed-down” “educations”, and who, as a result, cannot even make change for a dollar, went to bed last night, dreaming of sugar-plums and fairies, “presents” galore that will be delivered down their chimney while they sleep. As no bills, no additional credit card debt, no getting a second job to pay for all of the goodies forthcoming! Oh, the wonder! Oh, the splendor!!, Oh, the shock when the truth ultimately hits them!!!


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