This past year we have heard an awful lot about the ‘George Floyd’ Riots. Roving gangs of ‘angry protestors’ burning, looting, and killing in the name of defiance.

On it’s face, it doesn’t really make any sense. The people who are protesting didn’t know George Floyd. They didn’t see the circumstances that led to his death. The protestors didn’t hear anything about the George Floyd case, except for what social media sites and mainstream media told them.

The media told them that Officer Derrick Chauvin murdered George Floyd. They repeated the lie over and over and over again. People put signs in their front yards over this.

Now the case against Derrick Chauvin is underway, and the evidence is starting to come out.

It turns out that Chauvin wasn’t using ‘deadly force’. Floyd had swallowed his drugs, a ‘speedball’, that also contained Fentanyl. Floyd actually died of a heart attack due to the amount of drugs he took.

Those lying media fixtures allowed for disinformation to spread like wild fire. All over the country, nearly every person told us that we must mourn the cold blooded murder of Floyd. That the officer that killed him was obviously guilty… That the facts were clear.

In that echo chamber of lies, real people suffered.

In Seattle, Democrat Jenny Durkin allowed ‘Floyd protestors’ the space to set up a ‘Capitol Hill Autonomous Zone’ in the middle of Seattle. A lawless encampment in the middle of a major city.

Florence Lorenzo Anderson, a 19 year old Seattle native, was murdered inside of the ‘CHOP’ zone. His father appeared on Hannity, claiming that authorities had STILL yet to contact him as to the reason for his son’s death. The only thing this man knows is that his son is gone, and nothing more.

Florence Lorenzo Anderson wasn’t a meth head. Florence Lorenzo Anderson was not being detained by police. His life was taken because of a FAILURE TO MAINTAIN LAW AND ORDER.

It isn’t the cops who are at fault, either. The police officers that we see on a daily basis have no control over what they are assigned to do. Liberal Democrat police administration officials are the true culprits.

Like in Baltimore, after the supposed ‘Freddie Gray’ riots, the mayor ORDERED the rioters be given space to riot. The police were powerless to the orders of the governing officials.

Violence Breaks Out in Baltimore After Freddie Gray's Funeral - WSJ

George Floyd isn’t the last media-made martyr, either. Just this week, a man named Daunte Wright was killed by Brookyln Center Police in a fatal accident. The officer mistakenly fired her gun instead of her taser, killing Wright. The officer resigned yesterday, along with the Brooklyn Police Chief.

We don’t know much about the incident yet, but we do know that Wright had a history of violence. Wright had a warrant out for his arrest for attempted aggravated assault.

Wright was facing 20 YEARS in prison. That hasn’t stopped social media and mainstream news from turning Wright into the next holy victim.

Wright should not have been killed. If the officer truly meant to fire her taser instead of her gun, she should never have been a police officer in the first place. The news media of today loves to play a game with no context. We must remember that the officer likely knew that Wright had a warrant out.

The truth is, we don’t have the evidence yet. However, the officer has resigned, along with the police chief. The guilty parties have already quit. The officer who shot Wright will undoubtedly be prosecuted.

That has not stopped criminals from looting and rioting in our streets.

Wright shooting: Minneapolis erupts in second night of protests | Black  Lives Matter News | Al Jazeera

Every single day the media covers the George Floyd case with a magnifying glass, in order to perpetuate the idea that if Chauvin is not convicted, then rioting will commence.

They are creating an illusion of circumstances to explain away criminal behavior.

There will be people in the streets legitimately protesting the Floyd case. There will be people in the streets legitimately protesting Daunte Wright’s murder. They must be allowed to peacefully protest. That is a right guaranteed to every single American.


When protests become violent, they must be dispersed with the upmost speed. We CANNOT allow lawless thugs to run our streets. It cannot happen in America. No matter the media’s justification, rioting is a crime that must be punished, severely.

For reference, I attended the January 6th Protest in Washington D.C.. I peacefully protested with millions of my fellow Americans. I did not break any laws. I didn’t enter the Capitol. I, however, am now identified by the Left as an insurrectionist.

After this event, the process became clear to me.

Good events with good intentions can be used as an opportunity for bad people with bad intentions to commit crimes.

In that way, the Left and Right media can paint millions in the movement as irredeemable, violent people. They use these events to continue the divide that tears our country apart.

There is a simple answer. LET THE PEOPLE DEAL WITH THE RIOTERS. They aren’t activists if they are rioting… THEY ARE VIOLENT CRIMINALS.

If you are a business owner, and a riotous mob breaks your windows and starts stealing, SHOOT THEM. They are stealing your property, and breaking the law.

Of course, top law enforcement officials would cringe at that idea. They always cringe at the idea of the people handling the situation. There is no better judge than the person being harmed. They are the ones who truly understand the attack.

Meet The Real 'Roof Koreans' From The L.A. Riots

This issue calls for reform on the part of everybody.

1) Rioters must be turned in, hunted down, and stopped from hurting people.

2) Police administration and local politicians must remove the legal barriers that prevent law abiding citizens from protecting their homes and businesses.

3)Media needs to stop framing entire movements based on the actions of a few criminals.

4) Law Enforcement must be treated with respect, dignity, and maturity.

The bottom line is that we must not allow our authorities to let rioting go unpunished. We must not allow them to dismiss rioting as a ‘result of pent up aggression’. Rioting is an ACT OF CRIMINAL BEHAVIOR. A serious one at that. If we allow it to go unpunished, the only people we are hurting are law abiding Americans.

Hold criminals accountable. That’s how you can start to fix this mess!


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