EXCLUSIVE: Biden Blames Guns, But DEMOCRATS Are Liable For The Violence In American Streets

Joe Biden has said multiple times that he want gun manufacturers to be held legally liable for gun crime. Lets say a victim was shot by a criminal with a Colt handgun. The victim would then be able to sue Colt for making the gun that the criminal used in the attack. Needless to say, this is insane. The gun didn’t walk itself up to the victim and fire.

If I get hit by a felon in a stolen Silverado, I can’t sue Chevy. They didn’t do it. The criminal did!

In fact, a study found that in 37 states, including New York, 60% of inmates had illegally obtained the gun they used in the crime.

The true liability lies in the creation of the victim. Government DISARMS its citizens in many parts of our country. We have allowed illegal infringements on our Second Amendment to be passed off as ‘public safety initiatives’. The end result is an area of disarmed victims, and empowered criminals.

In every high crime city of our country, you will find two constants…

  1. Democrat Control
  2. Strict Gun Control

Lets take a look at the 4 most dangerous cities in America in 2020

4) Detroit, Michigan – Murder Rate: 39.7 per 100,000

Detroit is statistically the most dangerous city in America. It ranks 4th for murders, but overall crime ranks #1.

Detroit has not had a Republican Mayor since 1962. The past 8 mayors have been Democrats.

The Detroit City Council is ENTIRELY Democrat. In fact, there has been ONE Republican on the council in the last 30 years. Keith Butler served one term in 1990. Since then it has been EXCLUSIVELY Democrat.

Detroit has very strict measures surrounding the purchase of handguns. They also make it very difficult to obtain a concealed weapons permit.

Police have to verify the purchase of your firearm TWICE in Detroit. That hasn’t stopped the city from becoming one of the most dangerous cities in the world, and the overall most dangerous city in America.

3) New Orleans, Louisiana – Murder Rate: 40.1 per 100,000

The city of New Orleans has not had a Republican mayor since 1874. That is not a typo. 1874.

The City Council is ENTIRELY Democrat.

New Orleans famously ordered the confiscation of firearms after the Hurricane Katrina disaster in 2005. Since then, state and local authorities have battled over gun ordinances.

Current Mayor Latoya Cantrell issued an order at the beginning of the pandemic allowing herself the ability to ‘ban the sale and transportation of firearms going into the city during the pandemic’. It is clear that the Democrat leaders of New Orleans are keen on grabbing guns anyway they can.

That hasn’t stopped their city from becoming the 3rd most murderous city in the country. Seeing a trend?

2) Baltimore, Maryland – Murder Rate: 55.5 per 100,000

Home sweet home. I live a bit outside of this city. It is a complete disaster.

Baltimore has not had a Republican mayor since 1967. The last 10 mayors have been Democrats. The current mayor is Democrat Brandon Scott.

The City Council of Baltimore is ENTIRELY Democrat. It even includes the husband of corrupt prosecutor Marilyn Mosby, Nick Mosby. Both of these goons are currently under federal investigation for tax issues.

Maryland has some of the toughest handgun laws in the country. In order to obtain a handgun you have to have your fingerprints taken, take a multi-hour class, and pay the state multiple times for multiple fees.

This is all required before you are even allowed to touch a handgun at the store. Concealed weapons permits are nearly unobtainable to the average person in Maryland.

I called the state and attempted to obtain a CCW, and I was told that ‘self defense is not a legitimate reason for obtaining a concealed weapons permit.’

The Second Amendment say otherwise, bureaucratic PUNK!

1) Chicago

Chicago has not had a Republican mayor since 1931. The last 13 mayors have been Democrat.

The City Council of Chicago consists of 50 members. 47 of them are Democrats, 3 of them are Independent.

Illinois operates under the completely unconstitutional policy of requiring a license to buy ANY kind of gun. Even long guns. These are some of the most strict gun laws in the entire country, and by far the most strict we have seen on our list.

It is nearly impossible to obtain a GUN in Illinois, much less carry it.

These are not some cities that I randomly picked. These are the FOUR U.S cities that appear on the ‘Most Dangerous Cities In The World By Murder Rate for 2020‘ list.

It is AWFUL that we have places in our country considered to be some of the most dangerous places in the world. We must seek to stop that from happening.

It seems to me that we must DEMAND a National Concealed Carry system. Our Second Amendment guarantees us the right to keep and bear arms. State and local governments that make self defense impossible are endangering their citizens. The politicians should be the ones held liable for the insanely controlling policies that led to the creation of a victim in the first place.

Ohio House panel approves bill to allow concealed carry without training,  license | 10tv.com

We also need a NATIONAL stand your ground law. A law to protect every citizen in this country from being punished for defending themselves against a criminal.

There is a reason that our Constitution still exists. It works. If we stop government’s ability to infringe upon the Constitutional rights of our fellow citizens, we won’t have such violent cities. Americans are responsible enough to protect themselves, and their families if not regulated into helplessness by government.

We need to change the gun conversation. We shouldn’t be teaching our people how to cower in the face of a mass shooter. We should be arming our citizens to end the worthless son of a bitch criminal as soon as he/she shows up with any intent on doing harm. That is how you truly protect the innocent.

The 'Concerned Citizen Who Happens To Be Armed' Is Showing Up At Protests :  Updates: The Fight Against Racial Injustice : NPR

We can talk about ‘law enforcement this’ and ‘law enforcement that’, but it is absolutely worthless. Cops only show up after the crime has taken place. If you are truly going to curb crime, it starts with ending the embrace of victim hood.

We must realize that the control freak Democrat policy of sweeping gun control legislation doesn’t work. Not only does it not work, but as evident by every statistic and fact I have shown you, it actually makes things 10x worse.

The Democrats currently have MULTIPLE gun bills sitting in Congress, waiting to be passed. They include sweeping bans of over 200 guns, and more background checks and regulations.

Is This the Moment for Gun Control? A Gridlocked Congress Is Under Pressure  - The New York Times

We KNOW that gun control doesn’t work. How DARE the Democrats try to force their criminal lawlessness on the entirety of the country.

That is why we must fight for the DIRECT OPPOSITE of what they are saying. Embrace security, common sense, and the public good.



Let the American people protect themselves. The evidence shows us that FREEDOM is the only solution that works.

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