By: Marc King

In the months since the Biden Administration has taken over policies of the United States Department of Defense, there has been a legitimate reason for concern among the American people. What we are seeing reflected in the policies is a social and political experiment with the intended result of creating a military that is no longer apolitical, but rather politically obedient to the Socialist Democrat party.

However, it did not just start with Biden. This is a legacy that started with Barack Obama and this legacy is reflected in the current command climate in the military from the Secretary of Defense, through the Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff, through the major component commanders and many, if not most, of their subordinates.

Some might argue that the social experimentation started with Bill Clinton and his policy regarding gays … immediate discharge on discovery to “Don’t Ask – Don’t Tell” … which created a tolerance for those who served and were gay. So, fast forward to the election of 2008 and the election of Barack Obama. He was to be the most liberal President ever elected and he certainly did not disappoint on that account.

Through his 8 years in the White House, he manipulated the military and its leaders in a social experiment that made “Don’t Ask – Don’t Tell” look like good policy.

Openly gay, transgendered soldiers and females in the Combat Arms (Infantry, Armor, Artillery), Ranger School and even Special Operations Command … the elite of the elite was not exempt.

On October 29, 2013, Investors Business Daily ran the following headline:

Obama’s Military Coup Purges 197 Officers in Five Years

The article goes on to tell us…

“What the president (Obama) calls “my military” is being cleansed of any officer suspected of disloyalty to or disagreement with the administration on matters of policy or force structure, leaving the compliant and fearful.”

It goes on…

“A senior retired general told The Blaze on the condition of anonymity, because he still provides services to the government and fears possible retribution, that “they’re using the opportunity of the shrinkage of the military to get rid of people that don’t agree with them or do not toe the party line. Remember, as (former White House chief of staff) Rahm Emanuel said, never waste a crisis.”

Now, let’s fast forward to 2021, while looking back at the Obama years. The Generals in 2021 are the Colonels of the Obama years. They acquiesced to the social experimentation that was taking place — they saw what happened to their superiors who disagreed with the policy and they decided that if they were going to advance their own careers, they had to go along to get along.

They certainly did not anticipate a Trump Administration and its policies that ran counter to the left leaning indoctrination that was started during the Obama years. But, due to a stolen election these Generals are again confronted with the social experimentation as well as the added component of political indoctrination … since the lesson learned was: Obama did not go far enough! Keep in mind, Lloyd Austin was one of those Colonels who progressed to the rank of Lieutenant General, during the eight years of Obama, before retiring from the Army in 2016.

This brings us to the curious case of the US Space Force Commander, Lieutenant Colonel Matthew Lohmeier, commander of 11th Space Warning Squadron at Buckley Air Force Base, Colorado, who was recently relieved of his command by Air Force Lieutenant General Stephen N. Whiting, for self-publishing a book titled “Irresistible Revolution: Marxism’s Goal of Conquest & the Unmaking of the American Military.” There are a couple of things that need to be pointed out here … Lohmeier was selected to this “first of a kind” command because he is good at what he does — that is a military fact. Next, Lt. Gen. Whiting, the officer who relieved him without any type of due process initially, is clearly a product of the Obama defense policies era.

Further, for those who did not serve, it is important to note that when one is in the uniform of the US military, one does not retain all of the rights that are guaranteed under the First Amendment — here, I refer to the Right of Free Speech. It is one of those things that would lead to absolute chaos and mayhem in a military unit if everyone had the “right” to speak out on any subject, at any time, especially if they disagreed with the commander. So, in order to maintain good order and discipline, it is one of those “rights” that is subordinated for the good of the organization.

In this case, the Colonel self-published a book … one that is critical of the environment and policy direction of the institution in which he is a leader. Was such a book needed at this time —YES!

Is this the equivalent of a Whistle Blower complaint about a phone call with the President of the Ukraine? — YES!

Was it the smartest thing to use his real name on the book? — NO!

Should he have passed on the POD Cast? — YES!

Should this set off alarms in the United States Congress? — YES!

His book and the enlightenment that it brings to the American public about their military is critical to understanding the transformation that is taking place. We know this is true given recent insights into the “woke” campaign of TV recruiting ads that we have all seen. We have also seen the side by side with the Russian recruiting ad — and we can only be left with the thought that we are heading the wrong way and we may be in real trouble.

So, at this point, it is critical that we do not throw the baby out with the bath water. The Air Force has started an IG investigation in the matter — and given the recent performance of other federal IG’s, there is not a lot of confidence that the findings of the IG will resolve the concerns of most Americans. What we really need is for our elected Republican politicians in the United States Congress to dig into this matter with all the vigor they can muster. Yes, they will be called “Agents of Putin” just like Senator Ted Cruz was called today.

They need to stand up for this Colonel and the message that he has brought to the American public. They must not allow it to get buried in some IG report and they must not let this Colonel be hung out to dry! The country needs patriots who are willing to stand up for what is right — even the Founding Fathers did not always do it right… but, they got us this far and that is ok by me. As for today’s military — IT’S NOT TOO LATE TO FIX IT!

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