Eric Swalwell is a Democrat House Representative from California. He holds an important position on the House Intelligence Committee, and has held that position since 2015. He was elected in 2014.

Late last year, Axios reported that Swalwell had been under investigation for an alleged sexual relationship with Chinese spy Chistine Fang.

GOP leaders demand Peolsi remove Eric Swalwell from intelligence committee  over Fang Fang scandal - News Chant USA

Fang helped raise funds for Swalwell’s 2014 campaign. She attended many of his political events, and can be seen pictured with Swalwell multiple times.

Jeryl Bier on Twitter: "Based on this (apparent) screengrab from Fox News  (left), the photo below from @ericswalwell's Twitter account in 2013  features Chinese spy Christine Fang from the back (right.) Swalwell's

Fang had an intern hired with Swalwell. Fang was reportedly a ‘bundler’ for the campaign, convincing large donors to write large checks.

Fang unexpectedly left the United States mid-2015, and after Swalwell learned of her ties to the CCP, he apparently severed ties with her.

This guy was serving on the House Intel committee, while having a sexual and professional relationship with a Chinese spy.

Does a Photograph Show Rep. Eric Swalwell With Alleged Chinese Spy? |

Congress was briefed about apparent Chinese spy influences in 2015.

Kevin McCarthy and Nancy Pelosi were briefed, just this last year, about the relationship between Fang and Swalwell. This story barely got any mainstream media coverage.

Swalwell still holds his position on the House Intel Committee.

Nancy Pelosi even came out in support of Swalwell even after the report was published, and she was briefed on the matter.

Now lets take a look at the allegations against Matt Gaetz, a story that has gotten wall to wall media coverage.

Gaetz is currently under Federal investigation, just like Swalwell was.

The charges alleged by the New York Times are very serious… Child trafficking.

Only difference is that Congressional leaders have not been briefed on the Gaetz issue, at all. There is still very much a question to the validity of the charges made against Gaetz in the media. The facts are still unknown.

Matt Gaetz Probably Regrets Providing Receipts to the Women He Allegedly  Paid for Sex | Vanity Fair

Unlike the Swalwell case, the story originally came about because the New York Times did a deep investigative dive. They dug through sources and material to find something to use against Matt Gaetz.

They were able to find some shady individuals involved with Gaetz. People who had been arrested for sex trafficking.

While the allegations are absolutely serious, and should be investigated, there is absolutely zero evidence that any of it accurate. Yet the media pounced, especially the New York Times.

Did the New York Times even COVER the Eric Swalwell story?


To this day, they have yet to even mention the fact that it happened.

This is a prime example of why we must dismantle the idea that ‘unbiased journalism’ exists. It doesn’t. In fact, the more ‘objective’ a source prides itself to be, often reveals the most biased of reporting.

I am biased. I don’t hide it. Everyone who is giving you their summation of news, or covering news in any way is doing so with bias. It is inherent to the profession!

We don’t know the outcome of the Matt Gaetz investigation. In this country, you have the benefit of being innocent until proven guilty.

We have viable proof that Eric Swalwell had a sexual and professional relationship with a Chinese spy, and yet he still sits on the House Intel Committee. Swalwell isn’t bashed in the New York Times, hell, he isn’t even mentioned.

NBC ran this headline after Gaetz refused to resign for media allegations.

Of course, the other lapdog media outlets jumped on to accuse Gaetz of all kind of things. That is what they do, but their nonsense has credibility in the eyes of millions because the people have been lied to about the objectivity of the source.

The New York Times is as political, if not more so, than Tucker Carlson Tonight. The New York Times is just as political, if not more so, than Hannity. Same with NBC, CBS, CNN, ABC, Fox, and so on.

The only difference is that the liberal media dishonestly hides behind a cloak of false objectivity.

Democrats call for Matt Gaetz to resign before the investigation is concluded, yet allow Eric Swalwell to continue to sit on the House Intel Committee after having a verifiable relationship with a Chinese Spy?

You have got to be kidding me!




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