Under a FOIA request, we now have access to all of Anthony Fauci’s emails from the beginning of the COVID pandemic. They are telling.

They show us just how far Fauci’s hypocrisy went. They also show us the blatant lying that he did on a daily basis during the early days of the pandemic.

In 2020, Anthony Fauci was the top paid Federal employee. He raked in over $400k in salary from the taxpayers. Over the last year, Fauci has been a regular guest on many talk shows and channels.

Seemingly, the doctor always seem to be preaching doomsday theories. Even in the face of real data, proving that open states like Florida were doing better than locked down states like California, Fauci ALWAYS erred on the side of regulation.

Fauci even recommended that people wear two, or even three masks in public.

Emails reveal to us that Fauci KNEW and ADMITTED that masks were completely ineffective against the spread of COVID-19 the entire time.


Fauci knew that masks were ineffective, but still forced people to wear them. He oversaw Unconstitutional orders that forced masks onto people all over this country.

It doesn’t stop there.

Here is Fauci on March 20, 2020 talking about the drug ‘Hydroxychloroquine’

Now we know that this statement came after Fauci was emailed on Feb. 29th about the effectiveness of Hydroxycholoroquine. He was alerted of the effectiveness against the drug, and still went on to call the drug ‘dangerous’ when used to fight COVID-19.

Shortly after Fauci began attacking the drug, the World Health Organization ordered a halt on all COVID Hydroxycholorquine trials. Social Media giants began to censor anybody who spoke about the drug.

Now that we know that the drug is effective, how many lives did the negligence of Anthony Fauci cause?

These emails aren’t the first thing to come out concerning ‘America’s doctor’.

Fauci was exposed during a line of questioning from Senator Rand Paul just a few weeks ago. Senator Paul grilled Fauci over the NIH funding of the Wuhan lab.

Fauci funded SARS COV-2 gain of function research in America, then outsourced the research to the control of the Chinese military. Funding it the whole way.

There is a word for what Fauci did. Treason.

Because of his actions, hundreds of thousands were confused and abused. We were lied to. We were fooled by a man who thought we were too stupid to understand the truth.

That is simply unacceptable. Fauci lied, and we know it.

He violated U.S. law when he funded the research of SARS COV-2 in Wuhan. He lied to the public about the mask. What else is this man lying about?

Keep in mind, this is the same man who has been carpet bombing media again and again telling people that the COVID-19 shots are ‘miracles’. Would you really trust what this guy says after learning all of this?

Nobody should. Fauci is a proven liar, and a proven fraud. It isn’t enough to simply fire him. He needs to be legally held accountable for the damage that he has done to our country.

Children who missed irreplaceable years of school memories. Families who lost loved ones and were unable to say goodbye. A scarred youth still reeling from the social destruction of a year of isolation. Suicides, overdoses, and depression. Business closures, economic consequences, unchecked tyranny. All caused by this evil little liar, Anthony Fauci.

This man shouldn’t just be fired. He should spend the rest of his life in a cell.

That is getting off easy.




  1. He needs to be jailed for what’s he’s done….
    People died and were forced to wear masks and that’s just evil. Fine him and pay back money he infringemented upon the citizens and took from us … our basic human rights to be free and Informed

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