By: Marc King

Last week, we saw the Georgia State Legislature exercising its lawful duties under the Constitution and passing legislation that will strengthen the voting rules for the residents of the state. Of course, this interferes with the Socialist Democrats and their plan to have HR1 passed in the United States Senate effectively seizing control of the voting procedures at the Federal level.

Now it’s off to the Socialist Democrat game book — Voter Suppression — Jim Crow era suppression — and they went so far as to have Joey Biden repeat from the teleprompter that the Georgia legislation shortened the time the polls would be open, that you could not offer water or food to people waiting in line — and then he said…. wait for it — He said that this “was not Jim Crow but Jim Eagle.”

Now, no one I have seen or heard knows exactly what a “Jim Eagle” is … but even the Washington Post saw fit to assign Joey with 4 Pinocchio’s for this lie! So, after all the dust settles, we find that the one key issue in this debate is voter ID — Proving who you say you are when you go to vote or submit an absentee ballot.

I am not going to recount all the things that go on in America in the year 2021 that require individuals to show an ID — you already know the laundry list.

What I will say about all of this is that if I were a black man, I am not, but if I were a black man living in America in 2021, and it was implied by my political party that I did not know how to go about securing a government ID so I could vote … WELL … I would be looking for a new political party!

Seriously, the notion that somehow the entire black community in Georgia is incapable of securing a government ID is downright insulting.

But let us take a minute and examine the remote possibility that, in 2021, there is someone somewhere that has not yet experienced the need for an official government ID in their daily life. Lets say that the hypothetical person lives in the State of Georgia, or any other state for that matter that requires an ID to vote, and yet has not found a way to get to the state DMV to acquire an ID.

How can this problem be solved?

Let’s look at Georgia once again for inspiration.

In the 2020 election, Fulton County, Georgia deployed a mobile precinct so that voters did not have to make their way to their polling place — a practice that raises some serious questions of its own.

Since almost every precinct in the county has a different ballot, is it possible the truck was connected to the internet so voter ballots for various precincts could be changed as the van traveled around the county? But I digress – the focus is on acquiring an official ID.

So, if we can have a “Motor Voter Bus,” is it within the realm of possibility that we could implement a “VOTER ID Bus” between now and the next federal elections in 2022?

I’m just thinking here… The vehicle could be parked at key locations around the County like a Walmart, the various cellphone stores, medical centers … places where we know, for sure, people transit.

We could set it up in disenfranchised communities … we could even have it respond to specific addresses of people who request it when they need an official ID.

The possibilities are mind boggling! A small change in the ‘bus wrap’ graphics, and Fulton County is ready to go. The bus has internet connectivity so checking data bases should not be a problem.

The same devices that are used to make an ID in the DMV can be installed in the new “VOTER ID Bus.” If a requester is bed ridden or unable to enter the bus — the staff can take their picture on a cell phone — download the picture to the on-board equipment and PRESTO — a new official ID.

So, we can see that it is not really the ID that is the issue here – It is easily solved with technology. And therein lies the problem–

Let the State Legislatures perform their constitutional duty to the people, and let HR1 DIE in the United States Senate!!


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