For those who are not familiar with US House of Representative Ilhan Omar, she represents the 5th Congressional District in Minneapolis — you know … the one who said about the 9/11 Attack on America – “Some people did something” …

Well, here is some background: Ilhan Abdullahi Omar was born in Somalia, rescued from a refugee camp in Kenya, and is now an American politician serving as the U.S. Representative for Minnesota’s 5th Congressional District since 2019. She is a member of the Democratic–Farmer–Labor Party and is a member of the “Squad” – a left wing radical group that supports left wing progressive policies in Congress and is anti-Israel and anti-Semitic.

Her constituents in the 5th Congressional District are majority Somali emigrants transplanted there during the Obama Administration.

Omar is mired in so many legal and ethical issues that it boggles the mind – you know, small stuff like did she marry her brother to circumvent US immigration law.  She has little regard for the country that rescued her and she has little to no regard for the laws and customs of the United States – choosing instead to bring to America her Muslim based ideology. And therein lies the issue that I want to discuss today.

Since the death of George Floyd in Minneapolis, the Minneapolis Progressive City Council has pushed to defund the Minneapolis Police Department. And, so they did – that is, until crime started to rise and the citizens started to complain to the Council.  Enough complaints that after some time passed, the Council started to reconsider their earlier decision and began to reverse their stand on defunding the police and instead started to refund the police.

But that did not sit well with Omar!  We see her ire reflected in a Fox News Headline dated October 25th:

Ilhan Omar Blames ‘Dysfunctional’ Police For Minneapolis Violent Crime Spike

Seriously, you cannot make this stuff up. Take away the police department’s money, resources and people and then turn around and announce that crime is spiking because the department is dysfunctional!?? To understand the irony, one needs to understand that Omar has a plan —

Omar’s approach to crime includes backing a Nov. 2 ballot measure to replace the entire Minneapolis police department with a “Department of Public Safety.” The measure would remove the requirement that the city have a minimum number of officers based on the city’s population.”

It is important to note that Omar has the support of Minnesota’s Attorney General Keith Ellison, a practicing Muslim, who told the AP in an interview on October 3rd of this year that:

“… amendment supporters simply want “more tools to guarantee public safety, more than just a police-only model. They want other people who have expertise in mental health, housing, violence reduction and intervention” who are better trained to handle situations that armed police now face alone.” One must ask the question:   Is that really the agenda here?

As always, we have to watch very closely when the Progressive wing of the Democrat Parry is on the move as they are in Minnesota. With Omar leading the charge and Ellison in agreement and providing support, I believe that the ballot proposal being considered is simply a Trojan Horse …

A means to move the police out of the way and over time, replace today’s policing in Minneapolis with Sharia Law. Sounds impossible in America – right? Wrong!! There are movements underway in other parts of the country where the population has clearly stated that Sharia Law supersedes the Constitution and they would prefer to see it that way. Don’t think so? Checkout Hamtramck, Michigan.

Once a Polish Immigrant population with a church on almost every corner — today, the entire City Council is Muslim, the churches have almost uniformly disappeared and been replaced by mosques and a population that openly expresses its desire to have Sharia Law.

Dearborn, Michigan is not far behind.  For now, none of them have actually pulled the trigger on making the break.  But Omar’s ballot proposal will do just that. Her ballot initiative is the Trojan Horse at the gate — If the City of Minneapolis votes for this ballot initiative, it will open the door to every jurisdiction in the United States that has a majority‑minority Muslim population.

America needs to watch very carefully what happens in Minneapolis, Minnesota next Tuesday. If the ballot initiative passes, you can be sure the Biden Administration will do nothing to push back on it — In fact, it might very well embrace it. And if that happens, it won’t be long before your local police are replaced with the “Mutawa!”

Who are the Mutawa?:

Formed in 1940, the Mutawa is tasked with enforcing Islamic religious law – Sharia – in public places. This includes rules forbidding unrelated males and females to socialize in public, as well as a dress code that encourages women to wear a veil covering all but their eyes.

I suspect some may read this and denounce me as Islamophobic – so be it! Others might see a conspiracy theory here — maybe … but what I see is a very well-crafted plan to take America where she might not otherwise want to go.

What matters is how you see it, America!





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