A few months ago, Tucker Carlson aired a segment on Minority House leader Kevin McCarthy and his connection to Google lobbyist Frank Luntz.

Luntz is a lobbyist for major corporations such as Google, and Nike. Luntz has also lobbied for the company responsible for unleashing Oxycontin on our public. Luntz represents exactly no part of the Conservative movement, yet Kevin McCarthy rents an apartment from him. Reportedly, the two are rather close friends.

In the segment, Carlson revealed that Kevin McCarthy actually rents an apartment from Frank Luntz. A 12 bedroom penthouse in Washington D.C.. Carlson also reported that the market value for an apartment this size would be close to $5,000.

Yahoo News later reported that McCarthy was paying a mere $1500 a month for a room in the luxury apartment. For $1500 a month, McCarthy had access to 5 star amenities.

Yahoo reported that while he was living there, McCarthy would have had access to…

  • 24/7 Concierge,
  • A Rooftop Pool,
  • A Fitness Center,
  • A Media Room,
  • A Business Center,
  • Party Room with a Bar and Pool Table.

A regular bachelor pad, owned by a Google Lobbyist. Rented to Kevin McCarthy for a little more than a fifth of the market price.

If you wondered why Big Tech has been able to silence and censor Conservatives with such ease, seemingly without punishment from our governing bodies, wonder no more.

During President Trump’s first two years in office, Big Tech was censoring Conservatives. They did nothing. Trump tweeted about removing Section 230. Nothing was done.

Big Tech Censoring Conservative Voices - Their Choice, But It's Not Right -  Coal Region Canary

Maybe the fact that our Republican leadership in the House was compromised by Google lobbyist Frank Luntz had something to do with it.

I believe that Kevin McCarthy should be ousted from Congress for his unannounced and creepy ties to these large corporations. His inaction says it all for me.

However, even if you don’t believe this is grounds to remove him from office, you must admit that at the bare minimum these are grounds to remove him from Republican leadership.

We have a plethora of America First Congressmen and women who would be happy to lead our party. Smart people who don’t hang around with Google lobbyists and make shady deals behind closed doors.

If you remember, it was Kevin McCarthy who held a secret vote on whether or not to keep Liz Cheney in Republican leadership, successfully and temporarily saving her #3 position.

McCarthy told Cheney to apologize for voting to impeach Trump - Axios

Since then, Cheney has been replaced with Elise Stefanik. Though Stefanik is no Marjorie Taylor Greene, she is a much welcomed upgrade from the RINO Cheney. I believe that McCarthy should suffer a similar fate to his friend, Liz Cheney.

Kevin McCarthy should be REMOVED from his leadership role in the Republican Party. He has allowed an onslaught of censorship to silence millions of Conservatives, all while taking money and favors from people connected to companies doing the censoring.

Make no mistake, Kevin McCarthy talks the talk. He will spin a beautiful speech. We now see where his true intentions lie. Yes, Kevin McCarthy is a RINO. Same as Lindsey Graham. Same as Mitch McConnell. They will hitch themselves to President Trump’s movement in order to get re-elected.

They will say all of the right things, and do all of the wrong things. They will talk the talk, but never walk the walk. The time for these kind of Republicans is over.

What Is the Green New Deal? A Climate Proposal, Explained - The New York  Times

With radical bill after radical bill being passed by the Socialist Left, our country is being torn apart in front of our very eyes. No longer can we sit and watch people like Kevin McCarthy betray our people by continually taking money and favors from a Google Lobbyist.

It is simply unacceptable.

Our country will continue to struggle as long as we have empty suits like Kevin McCarthy in charge of our parties. We need to put America First, and bring forth candidates who respect our people, love our country, and unequivocally denounce the tyranny of the big government-corporate cabal.

McCarthy breaks with McConnell over Trump's testing offer for Congress -  POLITICO

Marjorie Taylor Greene deserves a leadership role in this party. Jim Jordan deserves a leadership role in this party. Matt Gaetz deserves a leadership role in this party. People who will put AMERICA FIRST, not Google and Nike lobbyists.

The Republican Party is not currently the answer to our political situation. We can pretend that it is, but it is not. It must be reformed before it can proceed to return the reigns of the country back to the rightful owners… the people.

Ousting the elitist Cheney was a start.

It needs to continue with the ousting of RINOS like Kevin McCarthy, Lindsey Graham, and Mitch McConnell. America FIRST. Lobbyists LAST.





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