By: Ben Goss

The War on Disease is particularly an attack on the First and Fifth Amendments.  FDR was a victim of Polio.  A horribly debilitating disease that essentially left him unable to walk on his own.  This is probably one of the most high profile cases of someone suffering from a disease that a vaccine was later created to prevent.

  The problem is that once more, the Government proves that it is great at establishing things which are not necessarily great for the population at large.  It is however, great for corporate profits. 

Franklin Roosevelt's battle with polio taught him lessons relevant today -  The Washington Post

The immense profits for getting a vaccine on the scheduled administration list numbers in the billions of dollars.  Couple that with the legislation passed in the 1980s which eliminated corporate responsibility for the development of vaccines.  This responsibility was sidestepped into the Vaccine Injury Compensation Program (VICP).

  According to a report from the Health Resources & Services Administration as of December 2019 this program has paid out just shy of $4 Billion Dollars to nearly 7,000 adjudicated cases. 

Consider just the economic issues at play.  This is a long-term economic bail out of epic proportions that protects the profits of Big Pharma, while eliminating the risks for faulty or improper implementation.

From our founder: Why we chose Big Pharma | Tarbell

  Sure, they invest millions to develop a product, they reap a windfall in the billions, and if the product doesn’t work out – no worries.  They have a civil liability & criminal liability get out of jail free card where taxpayers carry the burden.

In New York State the 2020 legislative agenda includes state legislative bill A99 which is styled as; “AN ACT to amend the public health law, in relation to the removal of cases, contacts and carriers of communicable diseases who are potentially dangerous to the public health.” 

 Make no mistake, this is reminiscent of the Indian Removal Act of 1830.  You don’t even have to read between the lines to understand that this bill is designed to create “Detention Camps” because of that critical word “may.”  If the Governor so decides in his infinite wisdom, he can have people detained for up to 60 days and longer, if he so deems it.  The standards are loose and highly problematic.

Japanese internment is a disgrace now, and it was a disgrace during World  War II - Los Angeles Times
It is entirely ironic that the liberal and progressive left who espouse abortion, not as infanticide as a women’s right to choose what is correct for her body, will use the same mouth to say that vaccine’s must be forced upon everyone.  It is based on pseudo-science that suggests that a “herd” mythology exists as it relates to immunity. 

 Herd immunity as a concept was originated in the 1930’s where the author of the study theorized that once natural immunity in a community had developed above 68%, then the “herd” as a whole would thereby be protected.

  Thus, when someone in the media says herd immunity is “threatened” by less than 10% of the population NOT being vaccinated – they are actually misquoting the theory AND misapplying its basis.  Herd immunity as a theoretical concept was about the protection of the ”unvaccinated,” or “naturally un-infected,” minority.

  If anyone tells you that a refusal to vaccinate threatens “the herd,” ask them if they actually read the 1930 study, or if they are just too intellectually lazy to understand how ridiculously uninformed their statement is.  Then ask them if they know what “shedding” is as it relates to vaccinations.   
People who are given vaccines sometimes actually contract the disease which they were supposedly immunized against.  Further, vaccination does not even guarantee that you will not contract the disease.  For example, the USS Fort McHenry was quarantined at sea after 27 sailors contracted Mumps, a disease which every member of the crew was already immunized against.  Whoops. 

Mumps: What You Need to Know - eMediHealth

Connie Inman, writing an opinion piece for The Hutchison News in Kansas, 22 September 2016, wrote: “Vaccines are not run through the same rigorous trials as drugs.

 A ‘vaccinated vs. unvaccinated’ study has never been conducted. No one has ever done a double-blind placebo-controlled study on multiple-dose vaccines given multiple times.”  This was in response to the Supreme Court’s ruling that vaccines are “unavoidably unsafe.”  

Democrats don’t believe “choice” is important any more than they believe controlling “big business” is important.  They are absolutely in on the scheme to drive corporate profits for big corporate sponsors.

Poll: Pro-Choice Support Increases as States Pass Strict Abortion Laws -  Rolling Stone

  That’s why they are anti-choice on vaccines (Big Pharma) “danger Will Robinson – danger!” And then hypocritically flip-flop on the issue of “my body my choice” to support their anti-life stance on abortion (Planned Parenthood).

  It’s all about power, control and money.  And anyone who thinks it anything other than that is either naïve, lying to themselves or both.

Solution:  Repeal the National Vaccine Act of 1986.  End the corporate-legislative partnership between Big Pharma, Planned Parenthood and our legislative agenda and national medical requirements. Re-instate the corporate liability that Big Pharma should have to do proper safe, science-based testing like every other drug on the market today.  Remove the CDC’s ability to investigate and govern itself. 

Why it’s unlikely to happen: The amount of money at stake in vaccines is based on pseudo-scientific hype draped on the shoulders of our most vulnerable – our children.  And the liberal state Education machine, couple with the unholy alliance of Big Pharma with policy, is driving our public health policies today.  God help our littlest and most vulnerable ones.  






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