Kim Klacik was a Congressional candidate in Maryland’s 7th District during the 2020 Election cycle. Klacik got national attention for an ad in which she walked down the streets of Baltimore City, pointing out the blatant decay.

Klacik began appearing on national media, and promoting her campaign. Her donations reflected the national support. For the 2020 campaign, Klacik raised a record $8,296,845.

Her opponent, Kweisi Mfume, only raised $1,014,126. Mfume spent a total of $713,389, while Klacik spent a whopping $7,499,454. Klacik only received 28% of the vote. Mfume received 71.6%.

When we look back to the 2018 elections for reference, we find that the 2018 Republican candidate Richmond Davis only raised a total of $17,779. Davis garnered 21.3% of the vote. Keep in mind, Davis was running against Democrat favorite incumbent Elijah Cummings.

In other words, Klacik did a catastrophically awful job of managing the vast finances that her campaign generated. The Democrats were 10x more effective.

Klacik does not even hold the record for closest race, as Corrogan Vaughan only lost by 88,779 votes in 2014.

Now the Klacik campaign is coming under fire. The Federal Election Commission published a letter on September 10, 2021 in which they stated that the Klacik campaign committed campaign finance violations during the 2020 campaign.

The letter states that the Klacik campaign failed to file paperwork on over $100,000 in contributions made to her campaign between 10-15-20 and 10-31-20.

The FEC also states that Klacik’s campaign is responsible for paying a penalty of over $12,000.

We are not the first to cover the shady activity of Kim Klacik. Candace Owens released a video on June 25th in which she exposed shady behavior by the Klacik campaign.

Kim Klacik subsequently filed suit against Owens for her claims. Klacik went to the media and made a lot of noise about the lawsuit.

Without any announcement, Klacik quietly dropped the lawsuit.

Klacik has also been caught on record giving $15,000 from her campaign account to her daughter’s private school.

May be an image of text that says 'KIM KLACIK FOR CONGRESS (C00726117) Open image Show all Recipient information Recipient name OUR LADY OF MOUNT CARMEL Recipient city and state ESSEX, MD, 21221 Transaction information Amount $15,000.00 Disbursement date June 17,2021 Report year 2021'

Though Klacik is not currently running for any office, she operates under her PAC called ‘Red Renaissance’. The home site of ‘Red Renaissance’ reads…

Old politics is dying, and we’re the new generation. Our nation requires fearless, principled leaders who care more about the survival of this country than their so-called political careers. We will work tirelessly toward creating a stronger conservative movement, and we will always stand up for freedom and justice for all Americans.

Red Renaissance has reported that they have received a total of $212,666.45 in donations from January to June of this year.

They have also reported that they have spent $188,553.75 of that money.

What has ‘Red Renaissance’ done while spending almost 89% of the $212k they have received (via donations)? There isn’t much real progress to be seen.

It seems that Red Renaissance is instead a way for Kim Klacik to play the role of celebrity. Kim has been all over the country. Just recently Kim appeared in South Carolina to speak.

Out in the open corruption is not enough to scare away Maryland Republicans. Just this weekend, candidate for Governor Dan Cox posted pictures of himself with Klacik.

His running mate, Gordana Schifanelli, was also pictured with Klacik just weeks back. I can assure you that these two have been made aware of Klacik’s corruption, yet they still associate with her.

How long will our Maryland Republicans continue to associate with Klacik? Will it take an FEC violation? A $15,000 payment to her daughter’s school from a campaign account? An embarrassing election after record fundraising? Obviously, these have had no affect.

We are left to conclude that our Republican friends are willing to look passed blatant corruption and fraud in order to ally with the mega-fundraising of Klacik.

They don’t seem to care if it fails to yield results for you, the people. They only seem to care about raising money.

That is not why I entered politics, and that is not what the Trump movement is about. I refuse to sit here and let the message of ‘America First’ be perverted for the sole purpose of fundraising.

This is WRONG. Corruption is evil, no matter the side it exists on.

We have to demand BETTER. Our candidates seem perfectly content with professionally associating with corrupt individuals!





  1. “Politicians want the spot light but not the attention”! 😉
    This barely scratches the immoral and unethical (and certainly illegal) underbelly of Maryland party politics. Most voters are either blind or choose to ignore it, favoring a better seat at the banquet to worship these false idols.

  2. Thank you for covering the Klacik v Owens lawsuit, especially documenting it has been dismissed.

    I wrote about the initial filing, which can be viewed here.

    The question in the opinion portion of my article I asked still stands: Where are Kim Klacik’s Financial Disclosure statements?

    Not enforced by the FEC, but by the U.S. House clerk’s office, Klacik never filed a Financial Disclosure statement, as required by the federal Ethics in Government Act of 1978, as amended.

    Why everyone, including Candace Owens back in late June, missed this is the biggest mystery to me.


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