By: Ben Goss

Aside from the obvious Second Amendment attacks here, there are aspects of this law that also can be construed as an attack on our Fourth, Fifth, Eighth and Ninth Amendment rights.  In his book, Influence: The Psychology of Persuasion, Dr. Robert Cialdini and Malcom Gladwell in his book, Tipping Point, both discuss the concepts of social proof and suicide.

  The fact that once something is done, it creates social awareness and perhaps at some level reduces the societal prohibitions against the taboo of suicide.  One would argue that it seems unlikely, because it seems almost everyone had their mother ask them “if your friends jumped off a bridge, would you do it too?” 

The fact is, that while there have been incidents of violence throughout American history where our collective conscience has been seared.  None have been more calamitous or disturbing than the pointless and abject violence of the Columbine and Sandy Hook massacres.

  There are other examples of mass shootings such as the Las Vegas massacre 1 October 2017.  They are pointless assaults on our collective conscience that forever wreaked death and untold havoc on the victims and their families.

As awful as these incidents, and others have been, the progressive liberal left has used this to engage in an all out assault on gun ownership.  The assault on gun ownership is unconstitutional and historically unprecedented in America.

  The problem is that the liberal left wants to take the hyper-emotional angst of soul-enveloping grief and use that as the provocation to disarm a vast population and deprive us all of our constitutionally protected right to bear arms.

Hyper emotionalism and the demands that we “do something” distract us from the real issues of mental health driven by the destruction of the American family, and the emasculation of the American male.  We are doing our society collective and irreparable harm by suggesting that the manufacturers of firearms should be responsible for the infinitesimal fraction of gun owners who have broken the law with their products. 

This is stupidity.  Plain and simple.  Only someone with an inappropriate political axe to grind thinks that rolling back our Constitutional right to bear arms, secured by our Second Amendment, is a good idea.

  The left is waging war starting with the inappropriate, inaccurate application of labels and talking about how a weapon “appears” without understanding the practical nature of their statements.  Or perhaps more disturbingly – they do understand it and that’s part of the plan to destroy freedom and replace it with societal controls.  

Starting in the 2010s most recently, Class B commercial trucks, sometimes referred to as straight trucks because the cargo area is attached to the cab and does not articulate, have been used by terrorists in Vehicle-Ramming attacks.  Does this mean we should restrict the use of commercial delivery vehicles to only the military?  It’s not a straight truck anymore – now we need to refer to them as “Assault Delivery Vehicles.”  Stupid, right?  The label itself is an inaccurate pejorative designed for a political purpose and not for any practical reality.

Or, how about all those knives that have been used to kill people over the years … let’s see they are no longer carving knives, butcher knives, bread knives, letter openers … no – they are “assault knives” which come in varying lengths and can also be used in your kitchen or at the dinner table.  Let’s make the entire country like an airport lounge – only plastic knives.  Whatever – Face Palm Emoji.

It is not the tool that defines the crime.  It is not the location that defines the crime.  Apparently the liberal and progressive media & politicians don’t seem to care that most mass shootings have occurred in locations that were supposed to be “gun free zones.”  Why is that an important distinction?  Because mass shooters bent on creating a name for themselves specifically went for locations that would be soft targets.

The U.S. Once Had A Ban On Assault Weapons — Why Did It Expire? : NPR

  The problem is the lawbreakers, not the law abiders. And the simple fact that most liberals seem incapable of grasping is the fact that the only people impacted by laws are those who follow them.  Not those who break them.  And the reason we should not disarm our population is three-fold: 1) personal protection 2) protection against an over-zealous government and 3) protection against foreign invaders. 

Solution:  Eliminate this pseudo-label of “assault weapon.”  Let’s return to calling weapons by their actual names.  Long rifle, shotgun, handgun, pistol, automatic rifle, semi-automatic rifle, target rifle, hunting rifle and self-defense weapons.  We need to stop allowing so called social-progressives to define the debate by applying the labels that are unfairly and inaccurately pejorative.

What will happen here:  Hunting is fading in popularity, and even rural areas are becoming less rural.  The advance of the socio-liberal agenda aggressively pursued by the anti-gun lobby has made its ways into our schools and universities.  Unless we get more aggressive in educating kids on why responsible animal conservation includes hunting, and unless we explain why it is important to retain our right to bear arms – we may lose our only bulwark against a government that threatens to become too aggressive and insert itself too far into our personal lives.


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