Thousands of people from across the globe are invading our southern border many with the COVID virus and the Republicans in Congress are mysteriously silent. On the other hand, Cory Bush, a Communist member of the House of Representatives from Missouri is standing on the Capital step to ensure that the policy of defrauding property owners of the rent that they are due from others is blocked from being paid.

See the difference here — the Communist is actively pursuing her goals while the Republicans are no where to be seen. Is it any wonder that the young people of America think communism does not sound so bad — its because that is the only political sound they are hearing in America today.

Where are the Republicans?

I am now told that I need to wear a mask when in my own house with my grandchildren.

This, after I was told on July 4th that the pandemic was over! So why is this happening — perhaps it is happening because the Biden Administration has permitted thousands upon thousands of illegal aliens to enter our country with COVID 19 and the Delta Variant and then releases them into the interior. The media is telling us all about the precautions that DHS is taking — giving COVID tests and making sure that all who enter are now wearing a mask. Would that be the same mask, you know the kind from the Walgreens that Dr. Fauci said was worthless because you can sure bet that the US Government is not springing for N95 masks for these spreaders.

Where are the Republicans?

The CDC this week announced that they have given themselves the power to declare that there is no long any private ownership of property in the United States of America.

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The completely illegal NO EVICTION Mandate is being extended by decree of a Doctor who just a few months ago was teaching medical student about HIV … not COVID 19 — HIV! When asked where she derives the power to declare that the US has eliminated rent duly owed to the people from whom the property is rented she, along with other freely admit they assumed it — Congress did not pass a law — they simply assumed it! And not a peep out of the Republicans on the Hill.

Where are the Republicans?

Where they should be is lined up one behind the other in the House of Representative and in the Senate pounding on the lectern demanding answers from the Administration. Asking why after all the effort expended by the American people to crush this virus and return our country to normalcy is this Administration flying illegal aliens all around the country, using military assets to support the movements and spreading the virus among us again.

Where they should be is standing on the steps of the Capital demanding answers from the Administration as to why law abiding Americans cannot collect the rent on the property that they have leased to others.

How Do We Restore Accountability in Congress? A UVA Policy Professor Has  Ideas. | UVA Today

The practice is in direct violation of the findings of the US Supreme Court — so why aren’t the Republicans pounding the table making sure that it is understood that the law of the land is being violated by Joe Biden and his cabinet – full stop.

Where are the Republicans?

They are busy sitting on Nancy Pelosi’s Kangaroo Commission and crying (make sure the camera angle is right) over the events of Jan 6th. They are busy writing emails, thousands of emails, asking all of us for money so they can return to Congress in ’22. They are busy negotiating trillion dollar infrastructure bills with the Socialist Democrats. Bills that contain provisions that will further tax the middle class with things like a milage tax — that’s right, for every mile you drive your car you will be taxed. Don’t think they can do it — check with you dealer and see if that type of information isn’t already being stored in your cars computer. All it takes is the government to tell dealerships, oil change businesses and even your backyard garage that the law now requires them to download and report this information to the Department of Transportation — you can bet they will comply, or Mayor Pete will be around to shut them down because that is how the Socialist Dems roll.

Where are the Republicans — asleep at the switch? Dozing in their offices? In the gym? Putting on their best party manners so the Socialist Dems won’t call them racist or xenophobes? Out purchasing a new supply of face masks because Pelosi says they will be arrested if they appear in the halls of the Capital without one. In the class of 2020 it appeared that there might be some hope for Republicans …

A nonpartisan push to restore Congress' role – Daily Breeze

Marjorie Taylor-Green, Lauren Boebert, Matt Gates, Madison Cawthorn and even Thomas Massie of KY… They were going to take on the system but faded quickly. I don’t see them on the Capital steps or pounding the podium in the well of the House — they have failed the American people and the election of ’22 is only 16 months away.

It is time for all Republicans to push back and push back hard on this Administration much like Governor Ron DeSantis did this week. It was clearly civil disobedience with our being uncivil. “DO YOUR JOB BIDEN” the message was clear and unequivocal.

Push back – pound the table – RESIST or we will all wake up the morning after the election and nothing will have changed.





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