OPINION: Where Were Republican Leaders During The California Recall?


For political junkies across America, the California “Recall” election of the sitting governor of the State was an unprecedented opportunity to politically capture the single largest “Blue” state and flip it to a state governed by a Conservative.

Not just a conservative, but a Black Conservative, a self-made businessman from the inner city of Los Angeles, a man with a radio show that has made him not only a personality in California, but nationwide.

For well over a year, we have seen volunteers, in the streets of Los Angeles and San Francisco and other cities and towns across California, working diligently to collect the required 1.5 million valid voter signatures to get a recall initiative enacted. And, so they did — in fact, they collected in excess of 2 million signatures, and they were able to secure the much-needed recall election.

In the early months of the effort, a number of candidates on the right emerged to express their political desire to be the next governor. Of particular note was the candidacy of Caitlyn Marie Jenner, the fully transitioned LGBTQ. Still a political conservative, it was interesting to note that her candidacy did not gain traction with either conservatives or the LGBTQ community.

She was relegated to “also ran” status. The former San Diego Mayor Kevin Faulconer looked viable for a while, but there emerged, in the last quarter to the election run up, a candidate that seemed to set the electorate on fire – Larry Elder. Larry Elder is a conservative talk radio host whom Newsom identified as his biggest threat.

But this reflection is not about what happened – it is about what did not happen – at least to Larry Elder.

In the last few weeks leading up to election day, the Democrats made a full court press on behalf of their embattled governor. It was reported that George Soros had reinforced his initial campaign contribution of a half a million dollars to a full million.

Barack Obama, “The Man in the High Castle,” found time between partying and running the White House to make a video encouraging all the Democrats to stick with the current governor. Harris and Biden both found the time in their otherwise “busy” schedules to campaign in California against the recall. Even “AOC” who was busy getting fitted for her “TAX THE RICH” dress that she needed for attending an event costing $30,000 per ticket at New York’s MET …

Even she found the time to make a video encouraging her young fans to make sure that no Republican ever again occupies the Governor’s mansion in Sacramento.

That leaves one question hanging in the air —- Where were the Republicans? Did the Republican National Committee get behind Larry Elder’s race? I don’t recall hearing about that in the news over the many weeks he was campaigning. I guess Ronna McDaniel was busy — I guess. How about the former President of the United States, Donald J. Trump? Surely, he swooped in aboard that magnificent Boeing 757

and held massive rallies on behalf of Elder! Energizing the crowds just before election day… must have missed that. Congressmen Jim Jordan, Marjorie Taylor-Green, Matt Gaetz, or Kevin McCarthy — Senators Mitch McConnell, Ted Cruz or Marco Rubio? Oh wait … Tim Scott? Nope! Nada! Not a single one could get their behind to California and at least try to secure a win for the Party and the Party’s candidate.

With such a sad state of affairs, why should anyone believe the hype that the Republicans will retake the House and the Senate in the up-coming mid-term election? The politicians exude confidence in this notion every time they speak on TV — and yet, they were not able to wrest victory from the jaws of defeat in California. The fact is … they appear to be comfortable in their beliefs that they themselves will be reelected – after all, they did publish a press release expressing their concerns regarding … oh, I don’t know … the loss of the recall or rising gas prices or the on-going debacle in Afghanistan or how they object to mask mandates or vax mandates or anything else they think we want to hear. But their actions are like trying to eat soup with a fork — there is a great deal of activity; but, absolutely no nourishment.

If anyone thinks the 2022 mid-term elections are a sure thing for ousting Pelosi or regaining a majority in the House of Representative — in the 1865 words of Horace Greeley Greeley, editor of the New York Tribune — “Go West, young man!” Yes … go west to California and see how the Republican party stood idly by and lost an opportunity.

Make no mistake about it! The Democrat machine is in full operation across America. The Democrats do not care that we lost a war in Afghanistan and people are dying because of it. They don’t care that our children are being indoctrinated and not educated. They don’t care if taxes on the middle class are necessary to carry out the Green New Deal. You can be censored, cancelled, fired and even shunned by your own family and friends and they don’t care — not so long as on election night, they retain the power they so covet.

The slide into socialism/Marxism is happening at an ever-accelerating pace and the mechanisms to stop it are withering away. America is officially on the decline, both at home and abroad, and the levers of power are firmly in the grasp of the Democrats.




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