How trendy it has become to blame the Police Officer. ‘F*** The Police’ has been the sentiment of the Left for YEARS. Our culture glorifies this sentiment in T.V. shows, movies, and music.

The popular thing in this country is to blame the Police Officer for everything.

I live outside of Baltimore, Maryland. 20 miles West of it. After Freddie Gray died in police custody, the anti-police rhetoric EXPLODED.

Colin Kaepernick wore socks portraying cops as pigs. Large corporations started promoting Black Lives Matter.

I watched on TV as protestors hurled bottles of urine, bags of feces, and other gross objects at the police.

The media was silent on the vile, disgusting things being hurled at the cops.

While the average cop makes about $53,289, higher than the national average, they are more likely to be injured in every single way than other occupations.

As you can see, their job is absolutely more dangerous in ever non-lethal way.

When we come to the lethal side, things are only getting more dangerous for our Police Officers.

2020 was one of the most deadly years on record for our police, with 264 Officers dying in the line of duty.

It isn’t just the numbers that point to the dangerous nature of police work.

Just this year, a New Mexico Officer Darian Jarrot had stopped the vehicle of Omar Felix Cueva.

Cueva exits the vehicle, revealing a rifle, unseen to Officer Jarrot. Cueva then pulls the gun from his side, and fires at Jarrot at point blank range. Officer Jarrot passed away from his injuries.

For Jarrot, this was just another traffic stop. Another part of his day to day life.

This is the difference. Every time a Police Officer encounters someone, this is what they have to prepared for.

There is absolutely no way for them to know about this in advance, or avoid this. It is just part of the job. That is why joining the police force is such a noble sacrifice. It is a sacrifice that should be honored with respect.

These officers risk their lives with every move they make in their job. Dealing with the most evil, vicious, criminal parts of our society so that we, the citizens, don’t have to.

I remember a few years back, when Baltimore Officer Amy Caprio was killed in the line of duty. She was attempting to stop a criminal. He ran her over in his car, killing her.

I had a family member who attended Calvert Hall High School in Baltimore at the time of her murder. As we passed on overpass, we noticed fire engines and cop cars lined up for her funeral procession.

We gathered with about 25 others to watch as cop cars and fire engines escorted her funeral procession.

As we watched, people rode past screaming “F**k The Police”, “Black Lives Matter”, and “F**k Y’all”. This is while the Officer’s casket was being driven to her grave.

You don’t forget something like that.

These officers are doing their job. They are catching the criminals. They aren’t just sitting back and letting crime happen. They are active. The statistics prove it.

So WHY do we have such a crime problem in this country? I have written about it. We have 4 major cities on the list of the most dangerous cities in the world. St. Louis, Baltimore, Chicago, and New Orleans are some of the most dangerous places on EARTH.

Lets take a look at Baltimore. The culprit of crime on Baltimore is this… RECIDIVISM.

Under Marilyn Mosby, the current Prosecutor, the conviction rate has steadily dropped. The murder conviction rate was down to 71% in 2019.

Under her direction, in 2021 the City announced that they would no longer be prosecuting drug crime, prostitution, or other low level offenses.

An article from the Baltimore Sun details that over 73% of the criminals released by Baltimore City re-offend within three years of release. 73%

How many of these criminals get out and kill somebody? Who does that help, exactly? The police, who have to encounter criminals arrest them, and Marilyn Mosby just lets them go?

It seems that this is EXACTLY what happens. As I have detailed before, Democrats run nearly ALL of the high crime areas of our country. They control the councils, they mayors, and the education. They have a monopoly in the areas that are most devastated.

Their idea of ‘plea bargaining’ and ‘early release’ result in absolute chaos in our streets. Before our government officials begin to preach to law enforcement about their ‘duty’, why don’t they do their own damn jobs! If they didn’t let all of these criminals walk free, we wouldn’t have had crime in the first place!

We don’t have a policing problem in this country, we have a political corruption problem in this country.

Corrupt bureaucrats who destroy our safety, our cities, our law enforcement, and our country for their own sick political game. All our political elite strive for is absolute power. They don’t care who they have to burn to get it.

We The People must STAND UP for our law enforcement. We must let the politicians know that we UNDERSTAND THE GAME.

While our media trashes, bashes, and attempts to undermine police, we should all start thanking our officers. If you see a cop in uniform, go up to them and thank them. Pay for their food. Treat them like you would somebody who continually saves your life, because they DO!


We must fight the sweeping law enforcement reform that liberal Democrats are attempting to force upon us. Already in Maryland, they have repealed the Police Bill of Rights. Our FIRST ORDER of business in 2022 should be RESTORING THE POLICE BILL OF RIGHTS IN MARYLAND.

No cop should be able to be personally sued because of their job. The repeal of this bill of rights allows for individuals to sue individual cops for petty nonsense. Endangering the well being of every officer and their families.

RESTORE THE POLICE BILL OF RIGHTS. Prevent it from happening in other states.



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