When Conservatives began being censored on social media platforms like Facebook and Twitter, many of them flocked to alternative platforms. These include Parler, Gab, Rumble, and a number of other safe havens for free speech. In each of these company’s branding, they advertise themselves as free speech platforms.

Though the platforms were not perfect, they were effective. Over 4 million people are actively using Parler. Traffic on Gab.com has reportedly soared 753%. In many ways, these companies embodied the American dream. A small startup now trending at #1 on the App store? An American startup, at that? What a story, right? Wrong.

Not in tech. Not today. The current monopolies that sit atop the technology landscape, specifically Google and Amazon simply would not allow it.

Amazon suspended Parler from its web hosting services late Saturday night. Just earlier that day Google also pulled Parler from their app store. Apple has also threatened pulling the app from its store.

The move comes just days after Twitter, Facebook, and Snapchat moved to ban the sitting President of the United States. President Trump had reportedly joined Parler just hours before the announcements were made concerning the ban. Big Tech is making it clear, they do not want the President, or Conservatives to have any means of communication.

Unfortunately for them, there are many ways around this. Parler is a successful, active platform, and they will most likely be able to find means to host their services. Though the site may go down for a while, it will prevail. Gab.com was prepared for such an event, as they have their own servers. Conservatives are currently flocking there.

I have experienced this censorship myself, as I am sure many of you have as well. Before Trump was elected, I started a political Twitter account. I joined a flourishing community of Trump supporters who used the platform to communicate ideas, build bonds, and help the movement grow. My account ended up with over 5,000 followers around 2017, until the shadow banning started. Shadow banning is a technique used by Twitter to censor a user in a discrete manner. It limits the exposure of your post, even to your own followers. Suddenly, my tweets that were getting viewed by 10’s of 1000’s were being seen by 15 people, maybe 50 if I was lucky.

I decided to leave Twitter for Parler. Now they are taking that away to. We can only hope that such a successful platform, currently sitting at #1 on the Apple App Store, is able to find a new host before the clock runs out Sunday night.

No matter how the tech overlords feel about the conservative movement, it is unacceptable for them to operate in such a tyrannical manner. They receive governmental protections on their claims of free speech. They benefit greatly from “Section 230” in means not afforded to publishers. These “platforms” actively seek out and delete content that they disagree with.

With the Biden administration just days away from taking over both the legislature and the executive branch, conservatives everywhere are bracing for 4 years of corporate/government censorship.


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