CHICAGO, ILLINOIS - JUNE 28: Democratic presidential candidate, former Vice President Joe Biden attends the Rainbow PUSH Coalition Annual International Convention on June 28, 2019 in Chicago, Illinois. Biden is one of 25 candidates seeking the Democratic nomination for president and the opportunity to face President Donald Trump in the 2020 general election. (Photo by Scott Olson/Getty Images)

Last month, the Biden administration made the decision to keep the cap on refugees at near historic lows. President Trump had lowered the number to 15,000 all the way from 85,000 in 2016. After deciding to keep the cap at 15,000, Democrats in Congress began to kick and scream.

Biden is now bringing that cap back up to 62,500. He was slapped around by the radical left wing of his party.

America has a HUGE unemployment problem right now. We especially have a problem with a shortage of good, high paying jobs for low skilled workers.

No matter how you feel about the actual refugees themselves, the truth is rather obvious… We don’t need any more refugees. There is absolutely NO reason that we would import more low skilled poor people. That would benefit exactly ZERO American citizens.

In the statement released by the White House, they made it clear that the United States has a ‘morale obligation’ to provide a home for these people. I ask, who is providing the funding to make it all possible? Is it Joe Biden? Nope. Is it Congress? NOPE, they don’t even PAY taxes.

The people responsible for financing these refugee resettlement programs are the American taxpayers. They pay to move the refugees over, then they pay for benefits-galore for the entire family. Phones, housing, food, clothes, education, health care, all provided at the expense of the taxpayer.

What is the end result? Less money for the people that actually paid in to the system. Less opportunity for actual American citizens, who now must compete with foreigners on their own soil for work. On its face, the refugee program is absolutely absurd.

Here we are with a real debt in the hundred of trillions of dollars. Unable to provide heat or AC in our city schools. Yet, our politicians have the AUDACITY to import 4x more people than they currently are?

Why are we taking in ANY refugees?

Why are American taxpayers ‘morally obligated’ to pay for the lives of poor people all over the world? We have actual problems in the United States. Homelessness coupled with drug addiction that is absolutely out of control. Why don’t we help those people before we start importing more refugees.

We have an opioid epidemic. We have crumbling industry. We have a serious problem with global economic competition. Yet, the Biden administration sticks us with a heavier burden.

Not only that, but Biden has actually suggested raising taxes to pay for all of his new plans. He is willing to make policy exceptions and ‘shoulder the burden’ when it comes to refugees, but not the American people. He increases YOUR responsibility to bring in his own serf class that will economically compete with YOU.

The only morale obligation that our government should have is to US, the American people. Government’s job is not to be the world police. It surely isn’t to pass out American tax dollars and import labor competition for its citizens.

The actions of this administration make their intentions very clear. They don’t care about improving the lives of American citizens. They would rather import people from across the world as their serf class.

These refugees are nothing but a political and economic weapon being used against the American people by an elitist political class that wants to annihilate our way of life.

Just as President Trump predicted, Joe Biden is cowering to the Radical elements of his own party. The people are now paying the price.




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