Launch Liberty is back again to expose yet another tie between former Maryland Governor Larry Hogan and a known sex offender.

Our bombshell report released just weeks ago detailed that former Governor Hogan lived with a former campaign aide named Kevin Lee Hall that was busted for sex crimes. Hall was arrested in 1992 for kidnapping a 17-year-old boy at gunpoint and forcing the child to have sex with him.

Our article hammered a report released by the Baltimore Sun at the time of the scandal involving Hall. Within that piece from the Sun, we are told that Kevin Lee Hall’s defense attorney was a man named ‘William C. Brennan‘. That portion of the Sun article reads…

Hall was being held in Baltimore today while his family sought to post a $150,000 bond set for his release, according to his attorney, William C. Brennan.

Brennan would not discuss the case, except to say, “We’re just looking into the extent of the allegations.”

It should be noted that within our last piece, we exposed the fact that Kevin Lee Hall was a long-time family friend of Larry Hogan. Hall even reportedly worked for Hogan’s father, Lawrence Hogan Sr.

A report recently released by the ‘Chesapeake Today’ covers another associate of the Hogan family, Prince George’s County Judge Larnzell Martin. The report details an incident involving Martin, a self-proclaimed member of the LGBT community. Martin was caught groping a man, and exposing himself at a local mall. That portion of their report reads.

The Anne Arundel County Police Department was conducting surveillance of those who were performing hookups of gay men in a men’s room of a department store in the Annapolis Mall following complaints of lewd conduct. Judge Martin was arrested on January 14, 1998, for sexual assault and indecent exposure after he grabbed the crotch of a man and then exposed himself. The Judge’s promiscuous eye target turned out to be a cop. Judge Martin’s next date was with a District Court Commissioner to set bail.

In an article from the Washington Post dating all the way back to 1978, Larnzell Martin revealed himself as an aide to Lawrence Hogan Sr. That portion of the Washington Post article reads….

Vaughn and Rice were at the press conference as private citizens, but they had obtained their documents after driving to Petersburg in a county-owned car with a Hogan aide, a friend of the county executive, and an associate county attorney, Larnzell Martin, who was released from his normal duties to help the Taylor cause.

Martin, the only black in the county attorney’s office, refused to take part in the political strategy discussions that occupied the time of the other travelers during the two-hour journey and, later, according to several sources, he expressed anger that he had been asked to perform a partisan political task.

When Judge Martin was arrested for his crime back in 1998, who served as his defense attorney? The same man who represented Kevin Lee Hall…. William C. Brennan. A bio on Brennan can be read below

Mr. Brennan has practiced law for over forty years, primarily in Maryland and in federal courts. He has been involved at both trial and appellate levels in U.S. District and Circuit Courts in the District of Columbia, Florida, Iowa, Kentucky, Maryland, Massachusetts, New Jersey, New York, Ohio, Puerto Rico, Virginia, and West Virginia. Mr. Brennan has successfully litigated over 30 death penalty cases and he has qualified as an expert witness in death penalty litigation in the State of Maryland.

Other criminal trial work includes major murder cases, white collar crimes, and drug conspiracies involving complex wire-tap issues. Mr. Brennan has served as local counsel for major law firms in civil litigation involving individuals and corporate institutions. He has also participated in corporate internal investigations. Mr. Brennan is well-known in the legal community for his representation of clients before the Maryland Attorney Grievance Commission and the Maryland Commission on Judicial Disabilities.

From top to bottom, Judge Larnzell Martin is connected with every aspect of the Hogan complex.

Worst of all, Judge Martin is still hearing cases to this very day. He currently serves on the Prince Georges Circuit Court. Why is a man who committed sex crimes allowed to hear cases?

What does this connection tell you about former Governor Larry Hogan? From Hogan-appointed Judge Johnathan Newell, who was raided by the FBI over taking illicit images of children, to Larnzell Martin who exposed himself in a local mall… Hogan is associated with known sex offenders.

It cannot be a coincidence that both former Hogan Sr. aides Larnzell Martin, and Kevin Lee Hall, who were both busted for sex crimes shared the exact same defense attorney. It is a signal as to where their association truly lie.

Launch Liberty will continue to expose the truth.


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