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It’s an age old tactic that the media have been using for decades…and it needs to be called out every single election cycle. In her latest video, Liz Wheeler (former OANN host) goes into details about voter suppression through unscientific polling:

The Left uses this tactic to suppress your vote

Liz Wheeler lists many poll numbers, from major pollster companies/organizations that are then published in large mainstream news outlets, who got it wrong. This “news” is then regurgitated on local, state and national radio and TV media. Among them, Quinnipiac University Polling Institute and CNBC.

Although I am personally a big believer in the first amendment, perhaps we as Americans should rethink whether or not media conducted election polls qualify as election interference. After all, fraud, libel and slander are not a protected forms of speech It’s undeniable that these polls have an influence, although to what degree no one can accurately quantify. Publishing and conducting these opinion polls can lead to less voter turnout and less campaign donations along with a slowing down of volunteer efforts.

These polls can also be used to sway the Supreme Court’s decisions.

Often times, these polls–fake, inaccurate or otherwise–are used by the media as a tactic to increase commercial buys. The candidate(s) who are down in the polls will want to spend more than their opponent who is winning in the polls. Never forget, media outlets are primarily businesses. They are not objective non-profit organizations who are working for the good of humanity. If they can find a way to make a buck, they will.

There is a science to accurate polling. Among other statistical data practices, one must “weigh” their sample to the demographics of actual verified election day voters. Otherwise, numbers will be skewed. Then again, they could be way off because the people who are polled are free to lie without consequence…which makes the argument against polls even stronger.

Republicans and Democrats led media outlets alike do this. This psychological manipulation needs to stop, for the good of our country. Our country is in a free fall, financially, educationally and morally. One way to turn the ship back in a more prosperous direction, besides secured elections, is by reporting on political candidates fairly and accurately. Polling data, like 10-day weather predictions, do not allow for objective journalism.

Leave your opinion below on whether this should count as domestic electoral intervention or not.


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