President Joe Biden delivered one of the most divisive and amazingly dystopic speeches in World History this week as he seemingly openly declared war on all Trump supporters.

The speech, delivered in Independence Hall in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, desecrated the sacred birthplace of our founding document. Biden railed against Trump supporters, calling them the most dangerous threat to our Nation.

If you listened to this speech, you would think that Trump Republicans were responsible for every aspect of America’s situation. What Biden failed to mention is what his Administration has done to this country.

Biden failed to mention plans to combat inflation, exploding crime rates, or mounting vaccine injuries that are ravaging the people of this Nation. Instead, he focused on singling out the single greatest enemy of his abuses.

Biden made it clear, MAGA Republicans are the enemy of establishment Republicans and Democrats alike. He openly called ther movement ‘fascist’.

One problem, he was reading off of a teleprompter. As we know, Biden is not the most able-minded person around. Just a few days after the speech Biden was asked if he believed Trump supporters were the enemy of this country.

His answer was clear. He stated that he does not believe that Trump supporters are the enemy of this nation. A complete 180 degree change from just a few days earlier.

Now we could say that this was a backtrack after seeing the negative political attention his speech from Philadelphia received, but I don’t believe Biden is that nimble.

I think somebody in that White House whipped up one of the most insane and dangerous speakers in American history. My question is who the hell wrote this speech?

Even the imagery used behind Biden, the Military members and red lighting, makes him look as if he is in some weird dystopian future. Maybe just the sad reality we have all gotten used to, this speech was beyond insane.

It was rabid, vicious, and indicative of a much larger problem within our political arena. Rampant radical left-wing ideology. In no way should somebody capable of writing a speech like we saw from Philadelphia be anywhere near the reigns of power.

But they are.

Sadly, the people behind the President have never had more power than they do right now. That speech reveals EXACTLY how they feel about the people of this nation.

They would have us killed if possible. If they could get away with it, they would stick us all in concentration camps faster than we could blink.

These people are rabid, evil, hateful individuals. There existence within the ‘cliques’ of Washington D.C. leftists is quite alarming. This is how far the Democrats have pushed themselves and their ideology.

Keep in mind, anybody slightly right-of-center is kicked out of Washington D.C. upon arrival. The Right is never allowed to embrace any form of ‘extremism’, even in the case of the Proud Boys who were simply defending themselves from offensive ANTIFA attacks.

Proud Boys had to be disavowed, meanwhile the person who wrote this speech is still sitting in the White House. Was it Biden’s Chief of Staff Ron Klain? He surely would have had an opportunity to review the speech before sending Biden up there.


Was it Vinay Reddy? He has reportedly taken over the role of head speechwriter for Biden. He has a history of working with the ‘government machine’ like the EPA and the DHHS.

Whoever wrote this speech is a dangerous ideologue. They have done a great service in exposing what the government worker types really think of the average American.

These people DESPISE Americans. That is why they worked harder than ever to cheat in the 2020 Election and to remove our President Donald J. Trump.

The Left must be FORCED to extract extremism from their ranks. These people have become dangerous purveyors of murderous ideologies and they MUST BE HELD ACCOUNTABLE.


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