Oracle Films have released their new high quality documentary titled Safe and Effective: A Second Opinion.

Second Opinion explores topics that news organizations such as the BBC and CNN have refused to give serious consideration to. Topics that most politicians are afraid to touch with a ten foot needle. Topics that I’m afraid to write without cryptic language on even this web site, for fear of censorship. Not by this site’s editor or fellow writers, mind you, but by other connected entities!

The main subject at hand is the “best selling” medical product of 2021. The interview subjects talk about how this product has affected their lives. It was difficult to not cry during some of these segments. So, I advise to keep the tissues nearby before pressing Play.

Doctors give their valued opinions on the medical product in question and the program’s host brings the program together. As previously stated, it’s a high quality documentary that would be right at home on PBS, Netflix or Amazon Prime…but the chances of those mainstream outlets having the balls to broadcast this are slim to none. At least not any time this year.

The audio mix is excellent and the film’s editor makes effective use of archival footage, amateur video and infographics to give an in-depth but still concise look into the topic at hand. Statistics and documents that come directly from the government and the manufacturers that contrast the victims’ stories really help shed a light onto the corruption surrounding the healthcare industry.

In this writer’s humble opinion, Second Opinion should be shown on all college campuses and local news outlets around the world. This shouldn’t be a video that was made to preach to the choir. Every single adult and even older teens should watch this so that mistakes are not repeated in the future. And although this is a United Kingdom based production, it has many parallels to the USA’s pandemic policy. The U.S. government and media’s involvement are thankfully not kept out of the conversation.

Bravo to Mark Sharman, Philip Wiseman, John Bowe and the rest of the Oracle Films crew for this much needed audiovisual presentation.
It’s available to watch right now on a number of video sharing sites, for free. Links below. But if you enjoyed it and want to see more documentaries like this be produced, consider donating to them.

Watch Safe and Effective: A Second Opinion on the following sites/apps:
Oracle Films (Ultra HD streaming, no download)
Odysee (high quality 1080p download)
YouTube (as of October 1, 2022)
Brand New Tube

-Doctor Freedom



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