The country of China has a population of 1.389 BILLION people. The United States has a population of 328.2 million.

By almost every metric, the United States is a cleaner country.

China has some of the most polluted water in the world. (China Left Column, U.S. Right Column)

China ranks FIRST in the world in CO2 pollution. (China Left Column, U.S. Right Column)

China has had such a problem with overcrowding that they have actually created laws to limit the amount of children that can be born. Its cities are packed.

In 2017, the United States reported a number of 37 people per km of land. China reported 148 people per km of land.

The United States also has a wealthier population. Though our population is more than four times smaller, our adjusted national income was 3 times higher. $3.25 trillion to $11.13 trillion

By every metric, Americans were more equipped to handle the Coronavirus, however, the Johns Hopkins numbers suggest otherwise.

As of today, Saturday April 24, 2021 at 10:12am, China is reporting a TOTAL of 4,636 deaths.

With a population of over 1.3 billion, China is only reporting a total of 4,363 death. They also only report a total of 90,575 COVID cases.

When we look at the United States, the numbers are STAGGERING.

The United States reports that 571,000 people have died from COVID. That is not even comparable to China. China hardly had any cases of this virus at all.

There are U.S. STATES that have fewer COVID deaths than the entirety of China. 33 U.S. states to be exact.

They include Connecticut, one of the smallest states in our country, and my home state of Maryland.

Maryland reported 8,633 deaths. Maryland has a population of 6.046 million.

China reported 4,636 deaths. China has a population of 1.398 BILLION.

No matter how you feel about the virus, you have to take these numbers into account.

Why has there has been virtually ZERO coverage on the lack of COVID cases in China?

The collection of this data has had real life effects on every American. Many of the lockdowns and mandates originally stemmed from the World Health Organization declaration of a pandemic.

Why don’t the ‘world health authorities’, such as the World Health Organization and the United Nations, get to the bottom of these numbers?

It seems they would rather focus on things like economic reset and vaccination IDs for Americans.

Even the biased fact checkers admit that COVID originated in China.

China needs to be investigated. While our authorities are busy pushing Americans around, locking us down, and tanking our economy, China is doing JUST FINE.

We know that the strength we need will not come from the current administration. Biden sent his Secretary of State Tony Blinken up to Alaska a few months back. Blinken was slapped around by the Chinese.

Blinken even went as far as to say that the United States is guilty for having a racist past.

This was an omission to China, a country who current enslaves over 2 MILLION people.

China is a PROBLEM. It is amazing that our news media REFUSES to cover it.




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