A California teacher named Alissa Piro was caught on camera over a zoom call berating her students over race exclusive clubs in the school. The call took place during one of her classes.

She can later be seen threatening the parents of her students, urging them to ‘come at her’ over the reopening effort. What a fine example she sets for our children.

It appears that she has forgotten that the TAXPAYING PARENTS pay her SALARY!

A student made the following comment in the call…

“Singling out a single type of person for a club is racist. We should have an individual club for all races or no clubs for any races at all”

The student is obviously 100% correct. Race specific clubs are the absolute definition of racism.

Racism is defined as “prejudice, discrimination, or antagonism directed against a person or people on the basis of their membership in a particular racial or ethnic group, typically one that is a minority or marginalized.”

Race specific clubs fit that description perfectly. It doesn’t matter what color they are ‘supporting’.

Alissa Piro then begins to berate the student, saying…

“They are forced to bring awareness to the situation that they are in because other people put them in that situation”

How insulting. Has this woman ever heard of the ‘bigotry of low expectations’? I guess not.

The student then says on the microphone…

“My question is, in that case, where is the white student union? We need all races to have equality…”

Alissa Piro then INTERRUPTS him, SCREAMING like a banshee saying…

“YOU DON’t need a white student union, Jace, YOU GET EVERYTHING!”

Alissa Piro should be FIRED for what she said. Our leaders wouldn’t dare accept a white teacher yelling this at a black student. It would be considered vile, disgusting, hateful, and wrong.

This is vile, disgusting, hateful, and wrong.

Assuming that somebody is ‘well off’, or ‘has no problems’, or is ‘getting everything’ based on their race is inherently wrong. It is the very definition of racism. Screaming in the child’s face is taking it to another level.

The San Marcos School district had a meeting on 3/3/2021. A big part of that meeting was the President of the Board introducing a resolution for anti-racism.

If the San Marcos School District is intent on promoting anti-racism, they can start by FIRING Alissa Piro.

You can contact the school board to respectfully let them know of the racist, hateful employee they have at the following number…


You can also contact the school that Piro works at with this number.


Be respectful, polite, and let them know that they must stomp out racism in their own schools. It is absolutely unacceptable for Alissa Piro to have further access to children. Make sure to mention the fact that Board President Stacy Carlson announced an ‘anti-racism’ plan just a few weeks ago!

We MUST get rid of the idea that skin color is explicitly tied to success in America. It isn’t true. It is a lie that have left many men and women wondering why they should continue in life.

If you truly believed that success was unachievable based on the color of your skin, your life would be a living hell. That is the hell that these politically motivated, selfish “educators” deliver to our children.

It is cruel to allow them to espouse their brainwashing nonsense to our children. We all agree that racism is bad. Lets make sure that it doesn’t exist in our school systems!


  1. Don’t be ridiculous— freedom of association — including association by race, is a basic freedom and perfectly valid.

    Who is anyone to dictate how people freely choose to associate and live?

    Access to White people is not a human right.

    • So you agree with the comments being made by the teacher?
      Schools have long disregarded the idea of free association. You can be searched by a cop in school without a warrant, but not outside of the school. School systems have told us that they are all knowing, all powerful, and have the unique ability to ‘stomp out racism’… yet ignore the blatant racism when it comes to their own political allies.
      This is about the political corruption of the education system.


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