By: Marc King

On March 25th, just before the long-awaited press conference of Joey Biden, Politico published the following headline:

“Secret Service Inserted Itself Into Case of Hunter Biden’s Gun”

The articles goes on to say…

“On Oct 23d, 2018, President Joe Biden’s son Hunter and daughter-in-law Hallie were involved is a bizarre incident in which Hallie took Hunter’s gun (reported to be a 38cal revolver) and threw it into a trash can behind a grocery store, only to return later to find it gone. Delaware police began investigating, concerned that the trash can was across from a high school and that the missing gun could be used in a crime.”

So far, it is a routine report on Hunter Biden — He buys a gun, shows it to his paramour, who is his dead brother’s wife … with whom he is intimately familiar in the biblical sense. She does not like guns and proceeds to throw it in a “trash can.” But, as Politico goes on to report:

…a curious thing happened at that time: Secret Service agents approached the owner of the store where Hunter bought the gun and asked to take the paperwork involving the sale, according to two people, one of whom has firsthand knowledge of the episode and another was briefed by a Secret Service agent after the fact”

Let’s stop here and unpack what we are being told about this “bizarre incident.”

First, we must ask ourselves why and how is the US Secret Service tipped off that Hunter Biden has even bought a gun?

Biden overtakes Trump in Georgia, Secret Service sends extra protection
Biden and Secret Service

We now know that when filling out the mandatory ATF Form 4473, Firearms Transaction Record, in order to purchase the gun, Hunter Biden lied about his drug use and abuse — a serious problem that is a clear matter of public record. The question on the form is straight forward. It asks:

“Are you an unlawful user of, or addicted to, marijuana or any depressant, stimulant, narcotic drug, or any other controlled substance?”

The form was clearly marked “NO” which constitutes lying on a federal background check!

So, now we ask — how did the US Secret Service know to go to that gun store and inquire about Hunter Biden? The ATF Form 4473 is sent electronically to the National Instant Criminal Background Check System, or NICS.

The NICS staff performs a background check on the buyer. That background check verifies the buyer does not have a criminal record or isn’t otherwise ineligible to purchase or own a firearm. Here is an example of the ATF Form 4473.

So, is it possible that someone at the NICS saw Hunter’s application come through — and realized that Hunter had just committed a federal felony and then notified the US Secret Service to go out there immediately and “FIX” this problem? Or did NICS call Joey himself … who then sent the Secret Service?

Then, we are confronted with the response from the Secret Service that they do not have any record of such an incident. However, we know from the earlier reporting that the gun store owner says that two Secret Service agents approached him in his store, showed their credentials and asked for the ATF form. Now consider that most, if not all, gun stores in this country are equipped with video surveillance.

Hunter Biden Has Reportedly Broken Up with His Late Brother's Wife | Vanity  Fair
Hunter and his lover, Hallie Biden, the widow of his deceased brother.

There should be a footprint of this Secret Service visit — and if there is, can we assume that the deep state is at work trying to cover it up? The store owner refused to hand over the document to the Secret Service telling them that his responsibility was to the Bureau of Alcohol Tobacco and Firearms … the ATF! Well, it does not take long for ATF agents to make an appearance at the gun store demanding the same information that had been denied to the Secret Service. Did the Secret Service call the ATF — or did the ATF act on their own?

This is exactly what Hunter Biden attested to by signing the ATF form:

I certify that my answers in Section B are true, correct, and complete. I have read and understand the Notices, Instructions, and Definitions on ATF Form 4473. I understand that answering “yes” to question 21.a. if I am not the actual transferee/buyer is a crime punishable as a felony under Federal law, and may also violate State and/or local law. I understand that a person who answers “yes” to any of the questions 21.b. through 21.k. is prohibited from receiving or possessing a firearm. I understand that a person who answers “yes” to question 21.l.1. is prohibited from receiving or possessing a firearm, unless the person answers “yes” to question 21.l.2. and provides the documentation required in 26.d. I also understand that making any false oral or written statement, or exhibiting any false or misrepresented identification with respect to this transaction, is a crime punishable as a felony under Federal law, and may also violate State and/or local law. I further understand that the repetitive purchase of firearms for the purpose of resale for livelihood and profit without a Federal firearms license is a violation of Federal law.

While we ponder the intricacies of this obvious violation of federal law and the ensuing coverup, let’s remember what Joey and his ilk are trying to do to the law-abiding gun owners of America … that is, law-abiding gun owners who filled out the same ATF Form 4473, without telling a lie to deceive the system … Joey now wants to impose additional checks on them — WHY? It appears to the interested observer that the current system of checking is doing exactly what it is supposed to be doing — checking an individual’s background and identifying those who should lawfully be denied the purchase of a gun!

What is not supposed to happen is what we are seeing happen here. There was no denial of purchase because the name Hunter Biden set off alarm bells in the NICS and an approval was authorized —- we can surmise that on further review and recognition that the Hunter Biden had lied about his well-publicized drug use on the ATF form — the coverup began.

Hunter Biden Is the Best Thing That Could Happen to Joe Biden | Vanity Fair

Remember, all of this was taking place when the NICS was running millions of background checks — yet they were able to identify this one. So, if they can identify this one transaction, they can certainly identify any other individual that is trying to beat the system —

Conclusion: We have plenty of laws in place to deal with the issue of lawful gun purchases in America. Any further attempts by the Joey Administration or his Congressional henchmen are a clear violation of the Second Amendment and must be resisted through legal channels.

Note from the editor: Launch Liberty is firmly against the ATF form, an illegal, unlawful, meritless, and stupid form of background check.

However, the people looking to GREATLY EXPAND these gun laws happen to be the same people who are ABOVE those same laws. This story is a shining example of why we stand against ALL FORMS of gun control. The elite, the wealthy, and the powerful get away with this stuff either way! The laws they put in place are to prevent citizens from owning guns. Period.

Thanks to Marc King for doing a deep dive into the ever-evolving corruption of the Biden family, as he continues to skewer the liberal dogma and talking points.


The Truth Is At Launch Liberty.


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