Every politician has an answer. Whether it’s raising this, or lowering that, politicians always make it clear that THEY have the solutions. THEY know how to fix it. We have sat back and watched these lunatics destroy our country for the last 50 years. Now we sit at a sort of a crossroads.

Half of the country is essentially under martial law. Restaurant owners spend their days worrying if contact tracers will shut them down again. Customers nervously pull up their masks in fear of being judged. Plexiglass separates us. In our schools, our children are ordered to strap masks. They are rarely even given the opportunity to converse with each other.

How to Proactively Manage Your Fitness Business During a Mandated COVID-19  Shutdown | ClubIndustry

Why do we put up with it? Why are there so many people willing to trade their freedoms for a little bit of false security?


For too long, we have allowed institutions that HATE the American people to continue to operate in America. (sometimes being funded by the taxpayer, ironically)

The people of this country have lost the tenacity to say no, and the willingness to fight open corruption, lies, and deceit.

The end result is a confusing, dopey, fraudulent, eye sore of a government/corporate/woke hybrid. An illegitimate entity that chews up individuality and spits out a bland line of nothing.

What have the schools in this country become? Professors openly preach Communism. They spit at our anti-government values and our country, while telling and teaching our children that we the people are the cause of America’s failure.

Did Communists Really Infiltrate American Schools? | JSTOR Daily

That is COMPLETE BULLSHIT. The Corporate/Government ESTABLISHMENT, left and right, are the people responsible for the downfall of our country.

For instance, how did the Vietnam War start? Ever heard of the Gulf of Tonkin? The U.S military LIED to the American People about a Vietnamese ship confronting them in the Gulf of Tonkin in order to start the Vietnam War.

How Al Qaeda come about? Where did they start? Well, the United States TRAINED AND FUNDED THEM in the 1980s to combat Soviet presence in Afghanistan. The Government trained Al Qaeda, as a matter of public record.

Many Happy Returns of al-Qaeda - AIIA - Australian Institute of  International Affairs

Where do you think I would be if I had trained Al Qaeda? I wouldn’t be typing this, surely. I’d be arrested, at least, but most likely I would have been hunted down and killed. Not the government. Not the CIA. They continue to operate.

What about 9/11? Did you know that George W. Bush, ON RECORD, received a memo on August 6th, 2001 detailing Osama Bin Laden’s plot to crash commercial jets into skyscrapers… Imagine if YOU had received that Intel and had done nothing… Would the government have mercy on YOU? I think NOT.

These are HUGE events, and a peering look into the facts that media REFUSES to cover. Government doesn’t talk about them. Government schools SURELY don’t arm their students with this kind of information.

This isn’t new. Like the ‘boiling frog’ approach, this has been a long process. It started in the 60s. Since then, academia has been on a slow march to pure communism. Now, it has become so bad that Conservative students rarely even attend college. Forget conservatives, even moderates are dropping out now. (See Prof. Bret Weinstein at Evergreen for a perfect example of a moderate being eaten by the left wing mob)

This was never more obvious than with Bret Weinstein, a self described liberal, biologist, who taught at Evergreen University in Washington. In 2017, the students of Evergreen organized a ‘day of absence’ for every white person on campus. Only ‘people of color’ would be allowed for the day. Weinstein said no. He refused to leave campus, rightfully so.

The Real Free-Speech Story at Evergreen State College - Pacific Standard

Bret Weinstein had to quit because of his stand…. He didn’t beg for his job. He didn’t cower to the mob. He won his court case against Evergreen University, winning $500k and has been making media appearances ever since.

He said this about the ‘day of absence’….

“There is a huge difference between a group or coalition deciding to voluntarily absent themselves from a shared space in order to highlight their vital and underappreciated roles , and a group encouraging another group to go away,”

Weinstein wrote on a campus email list.

“The first is a forceful call to consciousness, which is, of course, crippling to the logic of oppression. The second is a show of force, and an act of oppression in and of itself.”

We see it all the time. Organizations caving to the woke mob. Just this month, New York Schools fired two teachers for refusing to do a ‘wakanda salute’, whatever that is, from the movie ‘Black Panther’. How ironic.

Could it be that the movie called ‘Black Panther’ might actually be the racist?

Whitewashing the Black Panthers

The Black Panthers are just the KKK of a different race. Would we accept a super hero called ‘Klan Member’ that celebrated exclusively white people? No. That would be terrible, and so is Black Panther. It’s race baiting garbage taking advantage of emotionally bankrupted woke lefties.

It couldn’t be more obvious. We have to start saying it. We have to be unafraid to call out the woke hypocrisy.

Yes, they will attempt to destroy you, but the success of their attack is not determined by anyone but YOU.

You must ask yourself, do you know anyone that supports cancel culture?.. If you do know somebody who supports it, ask yourself…

Do you respect them? Do they have anything to offer? Do they have talent? Do they have drive? Do they have capabilities? The answer, most definitely, is no. The people who push cancel culture are the most mindless, idiotic, heathens that exist on our planet. They usually have absolutely NOTHING to offer, and use their wokeness as their social status identifier.

They are following a trend. Nothing more. That is why it is absolutely CRUCIAL that we stand up to them, that we REFUSE to buckle and bow to their demands.

Pamplin Media Group - Riot declared, National Guard activated in Portland

What is at stake while being ‘cancelled’? Acceptance? From whom? The dopes who believe in cancel culture? Let me tell you folks, you wouldn’t want the support of these people. It would be a RED FLAG if they DIDN’T hate you. You don’t want their support. It’s useless. Most of these people have never accomplished ANYTHING. They have bought into the establishment lie of college, and most of them will die encumbered with debt because of it. Embrace their hatred, it’s actually a sign of success.

We defeat this kind of mob peacefully, with free choice. That is the American way.

If you see a business supporting Black Lives Matter, don’t go there. If a business requires you to wear a mask, don’t pay them a penny. If you see a business complying with the illegal contact tracing, leave. Don’t support them.

Let the compliant woke FAIL. What you will find is that the CORPORATE entities are clamping down on freedom the hardest. These people are JUST as guilty as government. In many cases, they even fund government and government officials.

Shocking video shows maskless market in Naples, Florida - YouTube

Support the DEFIANT. If you hear that a business is defying orders, go there. Buy their stuff. Make sure that they stay in business. Think of your money as a tool to defeat the corrupt entities.

When it comes to politicians, if they are getting establishment goodies and have celebrities fawning over them, understand that is a HUGE RED FLAG. These same institutions pushing this woke cancel culture are the same ones promoting Barack Obama and Hillary Clinton.

Know that in politics, when everybody in the room hates someone, that it is usually means that person is right. Understand that the establishment doesn’t love you, or want to see your prosper. They want to see you completely under their control. We MUST stand up to them.

If we don’t, we will be left with a nation of uninformed, scared, controllable people who trust their government. As history has taught us, there isn’t a more dangerous position to be in. Venezuela knows something about that.

Venezuelans are slowly starving to death as Maduro and Guaido battle for  power - ABC News
starving Venezuelan family.

Just a few years ago, Venezuela was one of the richest nations in the entire world. Their oil production was unbelievable, even to the U.S. That all came crashing down when they brought in Hugo Chavez and communism.

Now Venezuelans fight in the streets over whose pet they will eat today, to make sure they don’t starve. It is unimaginable hell, something that the woke establishment is attempting to force on all of us.

Standing up to the woke mob, and refusing to bow isn’t tough. It isn’t a sign of manliness. It is your DUTY as an American. tWe must ensure that NOTHING like Venezuela EVER HAPPENS in the United States.

Come out AGAINST the mob. Let them know that you aren’t going anywhere. Don’t hide behind aninimity, but run at the enemy with your name known and head held high. Be proud to defeat an enemy so vile, so vain, and so evil, and we will triumph without even trying. Small reforms on behalf of every American will bring the woke mob to its knees without firing a shot.

The TRUE American Way. Politics are downstream from culture. If we culturally, as AMERICANS, reject fraud, corruption, and baseless clamping down, we will end it in our government as well.


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