Former President Donald Trump spoke at CPAC this weekend, re energizing Americans everywhere. In his nearly two hour speech, the former President outlined his plan to move forward with his ‘America First’ movement. He immediately dismissed “fake news” that he was planning to start a third political party, stating that it would certainly “split the vote” and ensure a political decimation.

He held nothing back when describing the fraudulent election of 2020, stating that he may even enter the 2024 race and “beat them for a third time”.

Trump railed against masks, even poking fun at the double masks and at Fauci for constantly changing his stance. Trump continually bashed the incompetence of the Biden administration. He detailed the new crisis of unaccompanied children at the southern border. The former President also brought forward the blatant problems with the left’s green energy stance, citing the recent wind power failures in Texas. Trump made it clear that the Biden administration had no intent on maintaining the strong and powerful foreign alliances that Trump had built, and instead has traded them for a restoration of the past. A past where America came last.

President Trump also used the platform to call for every state legislator to bring forth legislation to punish Big Tech for it’s censorship. Those who watch my show, or follow my channel will know that this is something we have dealt with ourselves. All Americans who have voiced a ‘pro-America’ message have felt the sting of censorship.

Trump also announced the creation of his “Save America PAC” that will focus on bringing forth the right candidates to represent the people. People who believe in liberty, truth, and real justice. Trump will use his influence to help get Republicans back in control of the Congress in 2022. It seems that either he, or a candidate that he sponsors, will be running for the White House in 2024. I doubt that Trump could keep himself from fronting a triumphant return to the White House.

He has seen his approval rating steadily increase since the Biden administration has taken office, and in my opinion, will continue to see it rise as Biden’s failures become more clear. Make no mistake about it, this Biden administration is an absolute train wreck. Like a car, crashing into either side of a guard rail, repeatedly, it is horrifying to watch. Countries are not respecting us, they are walking all over us.

If we are to defeat the forces of communism and globalism, we must unite together against all forms of tyranny. We need true freedom. That includes freedom of speech, freedom of religion, freedom of commerce, and yes… medical freedom. It is not your right to force masks, tests, temperature checks, vaccines, and other medical measures on to anybody. You are free to use them yourself, but you are not free to regulate them to others. This is a core principle of what it means to be an American. Freedom.

If you thought that the Conservatives would be the type to allow actual freedom, in the form of medical choice and medical freedom, you were wrong. Several large Conservative figures were thrown out of the conference for refusing to wear masks. Police and security were even harassing people pulling their masks off for pictures with fans. A large pro-Trump Youtuber, Jason Goodman of Crowdsource the Truth, was escorted out of the building by security after having his guest pass rejected several times.

Jason described the scene with “QR Code checkpoints”… This is the conference of freedom?

Republican Laura Loomer of Palm Beach, Florida, the first United States political candidate to be censored on social media, was also BANNED from the conference.

For a conference that is supposed to be about freedom of speech, stopping medical tyranny, and delivering on the restoration of Constitutionality, it seems that these people have no actual regard for freedom. CPAC is acting like the elitist republicans of the past. Not practicing what they preach.

If Conservatives are to rally to defeat the forces of the socialist democrats, we must band together, completely, behind the idea of absolute freedom. We must declare ourselves the clear and present representation of freedom. That means in our speeches, and our actions. We cannot preach of the first amendment while simultaneously banning people that we disagree with.

Though some were beaten down and banned by CPAC, we have to look the event as a good thing. Trump was able to show how much he contrasts to the withering Joe Biden, and remind the country what a real leader looks like.


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