If you remember back to the Biden campaign, Joe Biden made it rather clear that he didn’t work for YOU, the people. This was as clear as could be when Biden screamed in a union worker’s face over a mere question about the second amendment. Biden pointed his finger in the man’s face, screaming at him with utter contempt.

This is how Joe Biden feels about the working class in this country. Do you think he would have done that to a union boss? He wouldn’t dare. They own him. That is on full display with his endorsement of the “PRO ACT”.

This is what PURE TYRANNY looks like. Just a few days ago, the House of Representatives passed a bill that would effectively kill 57 million freelance jobs in this country. The bill would also strengthen the power of unions, a key core of democrat donors, and effectively kill the independent contracting industry.


The bill was originally passed in February of 2020. The House just passed it again on March 9, 2021.

President Joe Biden has said that he endorses the bill, and looks forward to signing it. The bill will undoubtedly have a tough time passing in the Senate. Lets take a look at the sweeping, unconstitutional, dystopic bill that democrats are attempting to force on us.

1. Ends “Right To Work”

Employers and unions would once again be able to force employees to join a union as a term of employment. The unions will take a percentage of the employees salary, decided by the union, not by the individual, and donate that money almost exclusively to democrats. What a deal for the crooks of the democratic party.

What about those workers in the unions who want to own guns? Who are anti-abortion? Is it fair to have union dues taken, as a term of employment, to then have that money donated to political causes that the workers are completely against? How is this practice helping anybody but union bosses and politicians?

2. BANS Employers From Replacing Strikers

As schools are seeing teachers refuse to return to work, there have been rumblings of a massive teacher’s strike in this country. Many school system workers are flat out refusing to return to the schools. This bill would prevent ANY of them from being fired for striking. Not only the teachers, but every employer in the United States. Employers would have no power to fire an employee that refuses to show up to work. How does that work? Can all absences be excused as a strike? This bill is PURE INSANITY.

We all remember the time that Ronald Reagan fired over 11,000 air traffic controllers after they refused to return to work. His toughness resulted in a strong move that resonated for years. We may have a similar situation on the rise with our teachers, many of them refusing to return to work. This bill would make firing teachers, air traffic controllers, or any employee who strikes ILLEGAL.

3. Ends Independent Contracting Like Uber, Lyft, Grocery Delivery

This is the big one.

Baltimore-Maryland: a Guide for Getting Around in the City | Uber

Uber, Lyft, and other ride sharing companies are able to operate on such a large scale because of independent contracting. Uber doesn’t actually hire drivers, they contract them. Every Uber/Lyft driver is an independent contractor. This allows Uber drivers to have the flexibility that makes the job so appealing, and allows the company to avoid costly employment regulations. It’s a win-win situation for everybody. Drivers get the flexibility that they want, customers get a cheap, 24/7 taxi/food delivery service, and Uber makes a steady profit. Too much “winning” for the Democrats.

This bill would require Uber to hire every single one of their drivers as full time employees with full benefits. This would make the job rigid, with concrete hours and obligations.

Most Uber drivers don’t WANT to drive full time. They enjoy the flexibility and relaxed situation. Many users simply use it as a supplement to their full time income. Just like a job at McDonalds, you aren’t supposed to try to support a family while driving Uber. It would be nearly impossible.

Government doesn’t like all of this freedom of choice. That is why they are attempting to effectively kill every single independent contracting job in this country with the “PRO Act.”

4. Ends Gig Work

All local musicians, for the most part, are independent contractors. A lot of writers are independent contractors.

We have seen a major rise in the “gig economy” over the last ten years.

This article shows the EXTENSIVE list of gig work apps. They include Airbnb and other new alternatives. These services are tremendously valued by the public. Airbnb alone has lowered the price of a hotel room for EVERYBODY. Expanding, BOOMING free market services have become a VITAL piece of our economy.

The Biden administration, in concert with the democrats, is working to ensure that there is absolutely no freedom in our country. They have already moved to desecrate our vote with H.R. 1. The House has already passed sweeping gun ban legislation. Now they are coming for our economy.

WE MUST STAND UP! Although this bill is set to face tough competition in the Senate, it is vital that we stick with this bill and ensure that it never passes.

Contact your Senators TODAY and tell them NO TO PRO! (https://www.senate.gov/senators/senators-contact.htm)


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