The Bill of Rights IS ABSOLUTE, Joe.

Why don’t you check out Marbury v. Madison, which ruled that the CONSTITUTION OF THE UNITED STATES OF AMERICA is the SUPREME LAW OF THE LAND.

When our elected officials are sworn in, the swear to protect and defend the Constitution of the United States of America.

During his unveiling of his tyrannical, unconstitutional Executive orders, Joe Biden made the claim that our Bill of Rights is not absolute, and that from the beginning of the second amendment there were restrictions on the right of the people to keep and bear arms.


The first gun control did not occur until FDR introduced the ‘Firearms Act of 1934’. That means that for 143 years, from 1791 until 1934, the United States had virtually no gun control.

Lyin’ Biden strikes again!

Joe Biden called gun violence in America an ‘epidemic’. Of course, the guns that Joe Biden wants to ban had nothing to do with the recent shootings. Ghost Guns were not used in either the Colorado shooting, or the Atlanta shootings.

In fact, the Colorado shooter was actually not supposed to be able to purchase a firearm, but passed the ATF background check anyway. He bought the gun just days before the attack.

President Biden, the Colorado shooting happened because of a failure of your federal law enforcement.

They failed to do their job, and allowed a homicidal maniac with a recorded record of assault to obtain a firearm. We the People are not responsible for this massacre… YOU ARE.

How DARE you enact your sweeping anti second amendment executive decrees to further the true epidemic in this country… Unarmed helplessness

For too long, politicians have told us that they have the power to keep us safe. That the law enforcement of the country will keep the criminals off the streets. That the justice departments would do their jobs and arrest the criminals.

Folks, look at every area where the government has been bestowed absolute power over security, and the populations are disarmed…

What will you find? The highest crime. The most dependence, and the least hope for the future. In nearly every instance of mass killings like we have on the streets of Chicago, Baltimore, St. Louis, and New Orleans, you will find liberal Democrats encouraging the disarmament of the people.

It isn’t the police officers fault, they catch the criminals again, and again, and again, and again, only to have them released from their jail cells with plea bargaining, early release, and other programs. Many of the prosecutors of these cities are funded by

It is a system of engineered recidivism to keep the populations of those cities in a perpetual state of fear. The politicians love nothing more than a populace that is scared. In that way the deck is cleared, and the politicians can swoop in with their ready made disaster plans that give them all of the power, and give us all of the burden.

We should be encouraging every American to carry a weapon. We should be screaming from the rooftops that holding CRIMINALS accountable for their CRIMINAL behavior IS THE ANSWER. Recidivism is absolutely out of control.

Democrats have engineered that system. They need to be voted out of office. We must make it clear to the American people how they have ended up in the situation they are in.

We do not get a better America by sitting back and letting government roll up our rights in the name of safety. That is how people get hurt.

We get a better America by encouraging Americans to defend themselves. Not by submitting to tyranny.

President Biden and his administration should be impeached for this clear infringement on our Second Amendment. They are a tyrannical force of evil which seeks to leave the American people, hopeless, defenseless, and scared.

It doesn’t stop with the Second Amendment. Whether it be the record number of people pouring across our Southern Border, or the PRO ACT which would essentially kill 57 MILLION independent contracting jobs, or the HR 1 fraud scam they are trying to pass, this government is absolutely out of control.


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