JEXIT is a South Florida-based Jewish organization which focuses its efforts on encouraging Jewish Americans to exit the Democrat Party. Last week several of their members attended a protest of Target in Miami.

Target was exposed for selling merchandise marketed to “trans kids”, and also for selling pro-LGBTQ children’s clothing. JEXIT attended the protest in Miami because they believe stopping the indoctrination and sexualization of children in America aligns with the core values of Judaism.

See an example of the disgusting products being sold by Target below…

Founder Michelle Terris tells me that members of JEXIT attended the protest strictly because of the children. Terris even gave an interview at the protest stating this very fact, telling JNS at the protest, “I love people of all walks of life. You’re free to practice whatever your religion or culture is. This is about the children. They don’t need to know about sexual orientation. They need to be children. They need to be protected.”

Despite these public claims, the Washington Post used this protest to malign Terris and JEXIT as anti-LGBTQ radicals. The Washington Post even went as far as to make the false allegation that protestors entered the Target store in Miami and harassed workers. Multiple members of the protest informed me that no member of their protest entered the Target store at anytime. Truth didn’t stop the Washington Post from lying.

Their report reads…

At the Target in South Florida, shoppers have called employees “child groomers,” a far-right slang term for pedophiles, and accused them of “shoving your woke agenda down our throats,” according to the manager who spoke to The Washington Post.

When he donned a bright safety vest over his company-issued Pride-themed T-shirt to help a customer carry goods to his car, the shopper looked at him and said, “Oh, is that so I could shoot you easier?”

That interaction leaves the supervisor with conflicting feelings about Target’s decision to pull back its Pride merchandise. “It’s 50-50,” he said. “I hate it, but I kind of understand it.”

On one hand, he felt the company had abandoned its LGBTQ+ employees. But he also can see reasons for backing down because the harassment from customers makes him feel unsafe.

In a desperate attempt to malign the people willing to stand up to the indoctrination of children, the Washington Post is attempting to insinuate that JEXIT is an anti-LGBTQ group. Using twisted facts and bold-faced lies, the Washington Post is truly making no effort to conceal their agenda.

Let this be a lesson to the American people as to how the mainstream media treats those who stand against the sexualization of American children. Even those who do not pick a side in the LGBTQ nonsense are forced to pick a side because of the militant nature of the media and left-wing activists, especially on the issue of LGBTQ.

Why is the American left so obsessed with sexualizing children? Why are they so quick to slander anybody who stands up to the blatant indoctrination?

Those who have the courage to stand against the indoctrination of our children are under attack from the mainstream media. They lie, mislead, and manipulate the facts.

More absurd is the hypocrisy of the Washington Post. The liberal newspaper that has pushed and promoted the Democrat Party at every possible turn. The same Democrat Party that imports millions of anti-LGBTQ Islamic refugees every single year, placing LGBTQ people in harms way nationwide.

Just like Jewish Americans who overwhelmingly vote Democrat despite rampant antisemitism in the Democrat Party, LGBTQ Americans overwhelmingly vote to put themselves in harms way by supporting Democrats.

The Washington Post told a bold-faced lie in their article, and JEXIT Founder Michelle Terris tells me that she wants them to retract their defamatory article.

Launch Liberty will continue to expose the truth.


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