Sometimes, I think we are living in that movie Idiocracy. Bill De Blasio made a plea with New Yorkers just last week that reaffirmed my suspicion.

As part of his daily briefing, De Blasio pulled out a burger and some fries and began to eat them. It’s part of his Mayoral office’s deal with Shake Shack to provide a free order of fries to any customer who shows their ‘Excelsior Pass’, aka, their vaccine passport.

As he eats the fries, it appears that he is rather uncomfortable. After all, this isn’t the caviar that De Blasio and his high-class New York pals like to dine on… This is fast food. Normal people food.

First of all, if this is about ‘health’, why are they incentivizing the program with the most unhealthy food imaginable? Isn’t it the Democrats and Michelle Obama who cry and wine constantly about ‘food deserts’ and ‘unhealthy choices’?

No. Apparently, we are supposed to believe that the push for this vaccine is all about our health. Even when at their vaccination sites, the volunteers are literally saying “Would you like some fries with that???”

I would not want to meet the person who this sad advertisement of tyranny would appeal to. A Shake Shack fry costs about $3. If you need a discount on that, you have a lot bigger problems than a vaccination.

This is a shameless man. Who does he believe will get vaccinated solely on the basis of a fast food coupon?

NO one is THAT stupid. It shows exactly what people like Bill De Blasio think of the American people.

What De Blasio needs to understand is that there are a certain number of people out there, myself included, who will never take this vaccine. We think it is absurd, tyrannical, and idiotic.

We think that this shameless sales pitch shows exactly what this entire movement of medical tyranny is about. Control.

They think we are stupid.

What they don’t understand is that WE are in charge of this country. American patriots are given the express control over their government in our founding document.

With election audits in Arizona, Georgia, and coming election audits in New Hampshire, Michigan, and Wisconsin, we are starting to see what the will of the American people can accomplish.

We won’t stop. We will continue to root out and banish the tyranny from our lives until it ceases to exist. America is a free nation, a fair nation, and a smart nation.

It will soar to heights unimaginable to DOPES like Bill De Blasio, leaving Billy Boy far behind… where he belongs.

No one is buying your ridiculous sales pitch, Little Bill. Give it up!




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