Canadian Pastor Artur Pawlowski was arrested on Saturday for holding a church service that was in violation of the Canadian COVID lock down.

He was arrested by Calgary Police in the middle of the street.

Calgary Police then released this statement.

This is the same Arthur Pawlovski that was seen in this video from Easter Sunday. Gestapo Canadian Police show up to shut down an Easter Sunday Church Service.

Arthur then urges them to leave, shooing them out of his service.

A warrant was issued for his arrest after this incident. If he were to violate the ‘COVID restrictions’ again, he would be arrested. Calgary Police said that he did just that. They claim that Arthur and his brother David continued to organize religious events even after the warrant.

All of the ‘conspiracy theorists’ are continuing to be proven right. We have Christian pastors being arrested in the streets of Western nations.

Canada should RELEASE Arthur Pawvloski RIGHT NOW. IT is absolutely unacceptable for a government to persecute religion this tyrannically.

Canadians have wrongfully been under lock and key since the beginning of this pandemic. The authoritarian nature of their government is showing it’s ugly head.

We The People of the United States need to stand with Arthur Pawvloski. The United States should halt all trading with Canada until he is released. We cannot allow an ‘ally’ to persecute Christians like they are doing.

Canada is out of control, and has been for a long time. Justin Trudeau was even caught training Chinese Military in Canadian military schools.

Some would argue that Canada is our strongest ally, I would not. I believe Canada is a pure tyranny. Canada is in bed with the Communist Chinese. They are a massive domestic threat to the United States.

In reality, the United States should own Canada. There should be no question as to who is in control of North America. We cannot allow a tyrannical force of Chi-Com allies to persecute Christians right to our north. They are abusing their own citizens

Same with Mexico, the largest organized crime hub in the western world. Mexico’s existence is a thorn in the side of the American people. They take our aid, they send their drugs, they bring their crime, and they take away a tremendous amount of resources.

In reality, the United States should own Mexico. Why should the citizens of the United States not reap the benefits of a land that we already pay for? We should take Mexico AND Canada. The two only exist because of us in the first place.

The United States is going to have to deal with the fact that it’s system is the greatest in the world. Canada is under pure tyranny because its government is not nearly as good as ours.

Though our US government is corrupt, gargantuan, and wrong in many ways, it’s basis is still in freedom.

We will continue to see refugees, tyranny, and suffering in surrounding areas. COVID lock downs have created a situation of hell in most of the world. While Americans selfishly sit home watching Netflix (over a 99%+ survival rate), people in the third world are STARVING. Decrease in demand has already led to the starvation of millions.

First world countries aren’t much better off. Countries with less freedom than the United States, like Canada, see unfettered tyranny like never before.

People will continue to suffer under the boot of government as long as we sit back and watch it happen.

Canada is absolutely out of control. They need to be dealt with.




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