The walls are closing in on Dr. Fauci. He has scammed and lied his way into becoming the top paid Federal employee of 2020. After Senator Rand Paul exposed him, he began to shake.

Now, after Tucker Carlson and others have absolutely exposed his fraud, along with a FOIA release of all of Fauci’s emails, we now know for certain that Fauci was a fraud the entire time.

Fauci appeared on Chuck Todd this Sunday, and made some very strange statements. In the interview, Fauci claimed that any attack on himself would also be considered an attack on science.

Of course, Todd never asks Fauci if he was actually in communication with Mark Zuckerburg. Evidence that damning gets dismissed immediately as ‘conspiracy theory’.

Earlier in the appearance, Fauci goes into a long and uneventful explanation as to why he said we didn’t need masks early on during the pandemic. His response was ‘we didn’t know if there would be a shortage of masks for medical professionals’.

Well, that doesn’t really answer the question! We have Fauci emails from early on in the pandemic. We know that he understood that they didn’t work to protect people from COVID, at all. Here is that email.

Fauci's emails don't support viral claims on masks, hydroxychloroquine and  virus engineering - Health Feedback

Does that sound like a man preventing a ‘shortage’ to you? It sounds like more a man who understands that these masks never worked at all.

This is nowhere close to ‘preposterous’, as Fauci claims. It is real evidence.

Worse is what Dr. Fauci did concerning the drug Hydroxychloroquine. Fauci was able to get all COVID-19 Hydroxychloroquine trials supended by the WHO. We now know that Fauci understood just how effective Hydroxychloroquine was against COVID.

Emails reveal that Fauci had known for MONTHS that Hydroxychloroquine was a cheap and effective measure to be taken against patients with COVID. A recent study found that patients on ventilators saw a 200% survival rate increase when given Hydroxychloroquine.

Remember Donald Trump-touted hydroxychloroquine? Study in India backs it as  Covid-19 cure - Coronavirus Outbreak News

Because of Dr. Fauci’s staunch public anti-Hydroxychloroquine stance, millions may have not have gotten the life saving dose that they needed.

If you remember, the drug was highly touted by President Trump. IF Fauci had allowed the drug to be pushed, how many more lives would have been saved? Fauci committed TREASON against our country when he got these medical trials halted.

Of course, this was never mentioned by Chuck Todd. Just more brown nosing.

Fauci is quick to use the term ‘Science’. He uses it often, and he does it for a reason. The word Science has become synonymous with the word truth. When Democrats scream about the perils of ‘climate change’, they abuse the word ‘science’.


Science is not something that is set in stone. It isn’t even a core set of facts. Scientific evidence is really what they are referring to. Scientific evidence is the result of something called the ‘Scientific Method’.

I Love Science - Home | Facebook

The core principle, or idea of Science is that many different people will come up with many different answers. The process is designed so that individuals can ascertain different conclusions in some areas, and the same conclusions in other areas.

Science is more of a process than anything. That is why it is so insane to hear somebody like Anthony Fauci using the term like he just did. He knows exactly what he is doing.

Fauci dismisses the contacts that he had with Mark Zuckerburg because he knows that he has his audience bought hook, line, and sinker. He knows that they won’t look it up. Fauci’s whole media persona is based on the idea that he is the ‘ultimate expert’.

Fauci uses the word Science like he does because he knows it will immediately stop half of the population from questioning it. You don’t question SCIENCE.

That is quite literally the point that Fauci is making. Don’t ever question the science.

Fauci: U.S. must vaccinate more people before Delta becomes dominant Covid  variant

How could that be when Science quite literally revolves around asking questions? The truth is that people like Fauci aren’t practicing Science. If they did, they wouldn’t lie to you about the effectiveness of PPE based on whether they thought there was a shortage or not.

They would tell you the facts and allow you to come to your own conclusion. Instead, what we see is closer to religion. Blind followers following the dim light of a con man.

I have said this before, and I will say it again. Fauci deserves to spend the rest of his life in a cell. He should never again see the light of day. He did irreperable damage to our country, and made a hell of a lot of money doing it.

Fauci lied, and people died.






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