In this video from a testimony on November 30, 2020, a woman named Jan Bryant describes how Arizona election officials had NO ACCESS to the Dominion voting machines. They didn’t even have passwords!

Jan was a witness to the 2020 Arizona election in Maricopa County.

As the legal battle wages on in Maricopa County, the audit has been able to continue up to this point. Democrats sent over 70 lawyers down in order to try to stop the audit. They have failed to do so at every turn.

The Constitution says that the State Legislators are solely responsible for conducting elections. This stipulation was obviously broken in several states with executive orders concerning the election. The Constitution does not allow for the State executives to control the elections… Only the legislator.

Now we have further evidence that the Arizona legislature had little to no control over what occurred on November 3, 2020.

The Constitution doesn’t say that Dominion Voting Systems gets to run the election, but the Arizona election officials had no way of monitoring Dominion’s activity. Although Dominion was contracted to conduct the voting, we hear from this woman that the Arizona officials had absolutely no access to the machines.

The didn’t have passwords, and they didn’t have access. There was absolutely no way for them to monitor what was going on.

Janet then goes on to reveal that the Dominion employees were around the voting machines with laptops. She also admits that the voting machines all had an easily accessible USB ports.

Probably the most troubling thing of all is Bryant’s admission that the ‘hand audit’ ballots audited during the voting process were HAND SELECTED by Dominion.

We are finding in these states that executive branches and private companies had their hands all over this corrupt situation. It has already been ruled that Michigan FLAGRANTLY broke the law in order to issue election orders.

As the media frantically tries to characterize this audit as ‘crazy, stupid, and insane’, we are learning that there were REAL violations in a lot of these states. On top of the blatant law breaking, you also have sneaky companies like Dominion denying access of their machines to election officials, accessing machines with a laptop, and hand picking ballots for the auditing process.

This was not a Constitutional election. The end result has been absolutely pathetic as well, with world powers continuing to capitalize on our weak leadership. America is now a laughing stock of the entire world.

This Maricopa County audit is absolutely necessary. It isn’t wild ‘conspiracy theory’ to suggest that Dominion may have been concealing something by REFUSING to give election officials access to their machines.

The facts concerning this election warrant suspicion. Now the Feds have been weighing getting involved in the audit. Another blatant federalization of our elections… A DIRECT violation of our Constitution.

That’s not all, the Democrats currently have a bill called ‘For The People Act’. That bill essentially federalizes ALL U.S. elections and illegally and unconstitutionally allows Congress to juice the elections for themselves. Among many other insults, the bill actually includes a taxpayer funded 6x multiplier on a Congressional and Presidential election donations under $1000.

The Federalization of our elections is exactly why our founders placed the power of elections in the hands of the State. Unfortunately, our current ‘leaders’ aren’t so noble. They want all of the power for themselves.

The more we learn about the 2020 election, the more fraudulent it becomes. We the People have the right to know what happened in our elections. We deserve to have fair, Constitutional, and legal elections.

That didn’t happen in 2020, that much is clear!


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