Former President Donald Trump appeared on the Fox Business Network just yesterday. In an interview, Trump said that he believed that Dr. Anthony Fauci was ‘in the pocket of China’ while he was supposed to be working for the United States.

Trump encouraged people to look into the Fauci emails. The emails are damning. They reveal that Fauci was tailoring his responses and policies based on what he thought people were ‘ready to hear’, not what actually worked.

President Trump is still singing the praises of his ridiculous vaccine program, a program that will have huge ramifications on Trump’s ability to run in 2024.

I personally believe Trump’s support and touting of this program will cost him his political future. The numbers that we are getting on the ‘number of people vaccinated’ are absolutely ridiculous. What they will find is that most liberals and hardcore Dems went out and got two, or even three doses. Side effects will start to show. Panic will ensue.

That’s what happens when you’re a media sheep.

Bottom line is that I wouldn’t trust Dr. Fauci to read me the time off of his watch, much less take any vaccine that he worked to develop. This man is as crooked as they come. You’d have to be a media sheep to listen to him in the first place.

Dr. Fauci responds to released emails - CNN Video

All real patriots knew that this man was a scamming liar from the very first time he showed his rodent face. A con man. The most shameless of salesman.

You don’t need a vaccine for a virus with a survival rate north of 99%. If you are willing to trade in your freedoms over a 99% survival rate, you don’t deserve freedom. You deserve tyranny.

Just like the masks, it will be revealed that the entire vaccine rollout was planned many years in advance. They had this thing sitting on the back burner, ready to be brought up front as soon as necessary. Fauci was appointed to the Leadership Council of the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation’s ‘Decade of Vaccines Committee’ in 2010.

He had the sworn goal of making sure his vaccines were in the arm of every man, woman, and child on Earth. Now he has a miracle shot that must be mandated?

Manufacturer to move hydroxychloroquine production to the UK to avoid  shortages - The Pharmaceutical Journal

We know Fauci lied about the masks, we know he lied about China, and we know he lied about Hydroxychloroquine. Would it really be that much of a stretch to suggest that he lied about the vaccines to?

Trump is right to point out the absolute FRAUD that is Anthony Fauci. He needs to take the next step and admit he was conned over the vaccine. He needs to denounce the experimental mRNA vaccines.

Millions of lives are at stake. Setting the precedent of required vaccination on a virus with a 99.98% survival rate will quite literally create a world of tyranny. The new normal that our elites salivate over.

Trump is against that New World Order, but has yet to admit that the vaccine rollout was a larger part of their plan to maintain control over all of us. Trump has stood between us and the globalists, but is now singing the praises of their most tyrannical plan.

Trump tells Republican supporters to get vaccinated - BBC News

President Trump, your supporters will not sit by as you continue to peddle lies about the vaccine programs. They are a scam. They are a fraud, and they are hurting people.

I stand with millions of other patriots when we say NO to your jab. NO to your tyranny, and NO to your illegal mandates. You will NEVER take the spirit of America. If you continue to assault our liberties, we will make no distinction between you and the globalists.

We will never take your jab, and we will never comply with your BULLSHIT policies that are attempting to force it on us.

You are either with Americans, or against Americans. Trump is making his position clear by continuing to peddle his vaccine lies.





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