Tucker Carlson just DESTROYED the mask wearing sycophants.

Tucker is absolutely right.

You can read this paper to learn more about the ineffectiveness of cloth and paper face coverings.

If you needed more proof that the mask hysteria has gone too far, I want you to take a look at this picture.

This picture is from a video call with world leaders. They are on a Zoom call. There is absolutely NO reason to be wearing a mask. 99% of the leaders are not wearing a mask. ONE is.

That is our President. The only one wearing a mask over a freaking ZOOM call.

If that is not pure virtue signaling, what is?

Somebody has to stand up for those who do not have a voice.

Children in school have no voice. In many ways, they are subject to the whims and wishes of their educators. They cannot speak for themselves. We do not allow them to do it.

Children are being abused, and they aren’t allowed a voice. They are dismissed immediately as ‘selfish’… Weird, isn’t it? The kids are being forced to wear a useless virtue signaling device for the entirety of their lives over a virus that has virtually no effect on them… Who exactly is being selfish here? I’d say it is the parents and educators that strap masks on their children. THEy are the selfish ones.

I remember the Swine Flu Pandemic.

There were no masks. Hell, you were lucky to even get hand sanitizer.

I’m not that old, folks. This was less than 15 years ago. Even though the Swine Flu infected WAY more than Coronavirus, there were no masks. There were no distancing requirements. The entire economy wasn’t shut off. We just went about our normal lives, and attempted to stay as clean as possible.

Tucker Carlson isn’t the first to destroy the mask mandates.

This mother stood up to her local school board for requiring masks just last week.

Even YOURS TRULY has been escorted off of the Carroll Community College campus for refusing to wear a mask, OUTSIDE.

It takes courage to fight these people. I don’t always have that courage. No ones does. However, we do not need to win every battle. We do not need to fight every single second. We can protest with our dollars.

We can only spend our time, money, and energy on businesses and facilities that respect their customers enough to honor their freedom.

We are already seeing a MASS EXODUS from the cities and states enforcing the mandates with authoritarian tactics. California and New York just LOST seats in the House of Representatives. People are FLEEING tyranny.

If we do not stand up to these tyrannical forces of control, our entire civilization will collapse. We will see more and more people run for the exits as the entire system comes crashing down.

Masks were the first step, vaccine passports are next. We are currently ascending a ladder of tyranny, one that will leave the powerless with the majority of the burden.

We MUST stand up for our country, our states, and our cities before it is too late. We can not endure endless lock downs. We WILL NOT participate in your ‘new normal’.

Tucker is absolutely right about this one!


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