Many of us have wondered for a very long time why the Republican leadership seems to be so disconnected from it’s base. Thanks to Tucker Carlson, we now have a better idea of why.

Carlson revealed that House Minority Leader Kevin McCarthy rents an apartment from a top Google, Nike, and Oxycontin lobbyist Frank Luntz.

Tucker goes on to reveal that the apartment is located in one of the nicest areas of Washington D.C., and that McCarthy could plan on paying about $5,000 per month.

Whether McCarthy is paying the full bill, or not, this is unacceptable. This is exactly why our country has gotten to the point that it has. I speak often about Republicans as ‘controlled opposition’. This is exactly what I mean.

Kevin McCarthy can pretend to care about Big Tech censorship, but still rent an apartment from a Google lobbyist. This is an example of why Google has been so successful in creating a monopoly.

Want an example of censorship? Look up ‘Launch Liberty’ on Google. You will not see my site until the TWELFTH result. On Bing, we are the FIRST result. On DuckDuckGo, we are the FIRST result. On virtually every other browser on the internet, Launch Liberty is by far the top result for a ‘Launch Liberty’ search.

Not on Google.

It should not be the goal of any American to see a political party win, but to see real Americans win. It isn’t enough to support someone just because of their party. If we give the political reigns back to people like Kevin McCarthy, nothing will change.

America First candidates are this country’s only hope. We need politicians who are willing to put their own voter base before Frank Luntz, or other lobbyists.

RINO Republicans like Tim Scott, Mitch McConnell, Kevin McCarthy, and Lindsey Graham do not have a place in our party. Spending our country into oblivion, turning their backs on their voter base, and getting their palms greased whilst they do it is not honorable. It is despicable.

There should be an investigation. Not just into Kevin McCarthy, but into all members of Congress. You’d have to be insane to think that McCarthy is the only one taking goodies from lobbyists.

Imagine if the IRS audited Congress with the same tenacity that they audit American businesses and American families. The corruption they would find. We need to turn the bureaucracy against itself.

We need our Government to look inward before it looks outward. Corruption like this is unacceptable.



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