President Joe Biden seemed to accidentally reveal the truth about high gas prices in America during his visit to Japan.

Biden referred to RECORD HIGH gas prices as part of an ‘incredible transition’ that will leave the world ‘less reliant’ on gas, oil, and coal.


This goes along with attitude of the Biden Energy Secretary, who actually went as far as to laugh out loud when she was asked if the Biden Administration would increase oil production to combat record prices.

Americans experienced record high gas prices during the Obama Administration. Under President Trump, gas was cheaper than it had been in decades.

Trump unleashed American energy, allowing for American companies to finally access the energy sitting beneath their own feet. By not discouraging, but facilitating an environment in which Americans are not punished for using energy, President Trump saw the United States become the largest producer of fossil fuels in the entire world.

Biden, contrarily, halted all new fossil fuel leases on federal lands when he entered the Oval Office. This order was among the stack of orders that Biden signed immediately upon arrival.

Green energy is simply not reliable enough to withstand the demands of a growing population. It is costly, ineffective, and frankly does not work. We all remember the windmill disaster in Texas in 2021.

The effects of that outage caused major problems with water heater supply across the entire nation, as millions had their water heaters frozen with no power.

Green energy is an unmitigated disaster. Instead of SPENDING money on energy, why don’t we enrich our people, our companies, and our country by exporting oil worldwide?

If the Biden Administration is serious about ending Russia’s stranglehold on oil markets in Europe, and across the world, why would he not ramp up our own production and begin to export?

The sad truth is that the people in charge of this Country don’t give a damn about the people of our Nation. They don’t care that your gas is $6 a gallon.

In fact, from what we gather from Joe Biden’s statement, this was the plan all along. Gas is too expensive… Guess you’ll have to buy a $50k electric car…


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